Friday Evening Sessions

Listed below are potential Friday evening sessions. If there is a session you would like to see on Friday evening please email

 Session Title     Session Description Presenter
 Chromebook 101New to Chromebooks? Stay with the Tag-team and we'll walk you through the basics. Access the doc: Chris Scott and Jamie Dyra
Intro to Google App-reciation

Let's explore the Google Apps basics. This session will quickly explore Gmail, Drive, Forms, and more. Join us if you'd like to learn the basics of Google.

 Kristina Mattis

 Amp up those Google Apps You use Gmail, are familiar with Drive and maybe some other apps, but you want to get a little crazy with Google. If you know some Google, but want to reignite and find out all it can do, then let's go! This session is for intermediate Google Users. Crystal Dunn
 Your Personal Learning Network     Everyone out there seems to be talking about the Twitter and the Google. Have you heard of all this but just haven't taken the plunge. Here you will get the the basics of what all this "Social Media" is and how it can help you as an educator. Ryan O'Donnell

CUE Rock Star Friday Session S. Lake Tahoe