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Google Drive-ing The Common Core Classroom

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Google Drive-ing The Common Core Classroom
Want to encourage self-directed learning while ensuring your students master Common Core Standards? Join us as we breeze through Google Drive basics to learn the best Google Drive workflows. We'll explore and use Google Drive apps -especially the Kanbanchi app. You'll make and take your way to a more organized digital classroom footprint that encourages curiosity. Join in the excitement as we explore the power of Google Drive for your classroom. This also works in analog (post-its on a wall).

 Kristina Mattis            @kristinamattis

De-Dizzify Google Add-Ons
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Have you noticed how add-ons and apps in Google Drive keep changing up? Check out this excellent interactive session to play around with different, hand-picked add-ons to facilitate writing instruction at different stages all the while learning how to justify each add-on with theory and CCSS alignment. You will most likely be able to apply the info to other learning areas in you class, too! Plus, you'll get some really great ideas on how to flip your feedback, digitally. Make sure that you have a laptop to get the full effect because we'll be typing, collaborating, and really getting down and dirty with docs.
 Jamie Dyra    TransFORM your classroom with Google FormsThink Google Forms are just for surveys? Think again. Forms are the ninja of Google Apps. Join me in this session to learn how to create Google Forms from start to finish, how to incorporate them into your lesson plans, different ways to distribute forms to students, and how to move beyond the simple survey. Get ideas for creating self-grading quizzes, real-time CFUs, sortable exit slips, interactive video lessons, and more. Come play and learn why Forms are the most powerful tool in the Googleverse.  

For full participation, please bring a laptop/chromebook. Skill level = all. 
 Ryan O'DonnellDigital Storytelling Creating Not Just ConsumingThis session will be all about the impact that videos and digital storytelling can make in any classroom. We watch stories from childhood on, but often rely on others to tell those stories. But now there are so many tools which can make anyone a creator. We'll look at all sorts of projects from stop motion video, book trailers, documentaries and even the "flipping the classroom" model. Be prepared to have tons of ideas and resources and be ready to jump into the year with excited and inspired!
Crystal Dunn         Love at First Google SiteLet Google Sites be a hub for your students. Students missed information in class? Put it on the website. Parents want to know what's going on? Put it on the website. Want to try flipping your classroom? Put it on the website. Make Common Core digital integration a breeze as you integrate everything on your website. Drive, YouTube, and Calendar - oh my! You will fall in love with how easy Google makes it to incorporate all the Google tools into your new site.

Skill level - beginner