CUE Rock Star Manhattan Beach

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Manhattan Beach Middle School

1501 N. Redondo Avenue

Manhattan Beach, CA

Daily Schedule: 
9:00      Coffee
9:30      Shred Sessions
10:00    Session 1
12:00    Lunch/Networking 
2:00      Session 2 
4:00      Closing

Come for the fun, sun, and surf!

July 29-31, 2014

Join us for three days of hands-on learning and collaborative conversations in beautiful Southern California!
Manhattan Beach is a lovely oceanfront city located in gorgeous Southern California within easy driving distance to Hollywood, 
downtown Los Angeles, and Orange County, home of the original Disneyland.  Since CUE Rock Star Manhattan Beach takes place 
Tuesday through Thursday you might consider adding a few days of family vacation on either end of the event.  During the summer,
Manhattan Beach is a premier sun, surf, and sand destination - a true quintessential Southern California beach town with plenty of 
boutique shops, dining options, nightlife, and family-friendly activities to keep everyone happy.

Conference Format

All CUE Rock Star are purposely designed, focused, small group everts that have three items in common:
  • Hands-On Learning
All three days consist of two, two-hour sessions allowing attendees to "dig in deep" and really get to know their topic and build
resources to use next year.  Morning sessions are repeated in the afternoon so that attendees have two different opportunities
to attend a workshop.
  • Small Presenter to Attendee Ratios
CUE Rock Star events are built so that there is one presenter on faculty for every ten attendees registered and the events sell out at 100 attendees. 
This allows participants to get hands-on support and learn directly from knowledgeable educators.
  • Time for Collaboration and Networking
We purposely start late, end early, and take extended lunches so that all attendees have ample opportunities to collaborate and
network as part of learning community.  

Earn university credit!  Click here for more information.

Lodging information
View this map for several hotels in the area. CUE is not endorsing or recommending any particular hotel. This map is intended for informational purposes only.

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