MB Day 1

Getting Googley

Google Apps in the classroom

Please bring a laptop or Chromebook on this day!


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Session Description

Alice Chen

Your Key to the Forbidden City

Room 122

Social Media is a taboo word in education. So is social learning. Overcome that outdated thinking through the power of Google+ and Google Moderator. These days it’s all about video calling, social learning, and making world connections (both as an educator and a student). Go on virtual field trips and visit places like Antarctica or outer space. Connect your students with their peers from around the world, and join educator communities that will push the boundaries of your own knowledge. Turn your students into inquiry-based explorers of knowledge. Transform yourself and your classroom. This is a laptop or Chromebook session.

Karl Lindgren-Streicher

Google Forms

Room 123

A smart person once said that Google Forms are the gateway drug to Google Drive. You know you want to know more about these mysterious forms. Come check them out! We'll go over the basics of setting up forms and then get into the more technical uses that will allow you to collect student work and formatively assess your students like woah.

Kate Petty

To Blog or Not to Blog...There Is No Question

Room 124

Have you thought about creating a blog but aren’t sure where to start? Are you thinking about letting your students blog but don't know the pros/cons? Transform your own practices by reflecting in an authentic blog at the end of the day all while modeling the behavior for your students. Everyone involved will learn key 21st century literacy skills that will prepare them for a lifetime of success. Bring your laptop and prepare to create and begin a blog today!

This is a laptop or Chromebook session.

Lisa Nowakowski

Outta Site

Room 125

Google Sites is a great way to share information, lessons, and curate students’ work. Learn to create a site for your classroom, student ePortfolio, or collaborative student Site. This session will guide you through the process of creating a website to suit your needs. The 4 C’s of CCSS can be met through Sites. All Google Products seamlessly integrate with Sites. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have created a website that meets their needs. Intermediate to Advanced.

Please bring a laptop, and have a Google account.

Moss Pike

The Map is the Territory

Room 126

Maps offer more than geography and can be used to spark curiosity. Google’s Maps Engine makes map creation easy, and sharing them with an audience is even easier. With that in mind, we’ll practice making and sharing dynamic maps with Maps Engine by creating pins and boundaries with embedded images and video that help us tell our stories. We’ll then learn some methods for sharing our maps with each other and even practice building a collaborative map by crowdsourcing its location information using a Google Form. Finally, we’ll learn how Google Maps complements Google Earth, which we will use to narrate a tour based on the maps we build in our session. Please bring a laptop, ideally with Google Earth already installed. Level: Beginner.

Nancy Minicozzi

Become a Google Search Wizard

Room 100

Common Core standards require students to evaluate and integrate information from multiple sources and demonstrate that they can find the answers to questions and problems quickly and efficiently. This session will show you just how easy that is to do. Learn how you and your students can use Google's advanced search techniques to find exactly what you are looking for, whether it is copyright-free images, webpages from a specific country, state, or university, and much, much more. Do you teach younger students? No problem! You will learn how to create your own custom search engines so they can search only the pages you want them to. Level: Beginner

Please bring a laptop and have a Google account.

Reuben Hoffman

Google Drawing: The Digital Citizenship Poster Challenge

Room 101

Experience the collaborative, creative and organizational power of Google Apps for Education through a Google Drawing challenge centered on Digital Citizenship. Through this challenge you will experience using Google Drive, Docs, Forms and Drawing. This challenge is suited for those with a basic knowledge of Google Apps who are starting to use GAFE with students. This session will build your understanding and confidence. Walk away with not only a lesson you can replicate, but also knowledge of how to use Google Drawing to create digital poster boards, mind maps, infographics, etc., to tap into Common Core, increasing your students' visual literacy skills and requiring them to synthesize, summarize and communicate the most essential ideas to their audience.

Jen Roberts

Close Reading Collaboratively

Room 110

Let’s read. Close reading is the must have skill for students in the Common Core Standards, but who says they have to go it alone? Reading interactively is more engaging and we have the tools to make it happen for students. Learn how to create collaborative reading experiences they wont forget, while they build skills they will need for the future.

John Stevens

Pump up the Portfolio

Room 111

With a limited technology landscape, my students were able to create digital portfolios using Google Drive. We will discuss how to create, edit, and share portfolios, as well as their uses in addressing the CCSS or NGSS. From here, we can discuss ways to promote collaboration and publishing from Google Drive. Using these tools, we will talk about using Doctopus (and other amazing Google Add-Ons) to push out documents to all of your students and have them saved in unique folders. For all Intermediate to Advanced Rockstars in the house, this is the session to get you started.

Victoria Olson

Learn How to Drive: Storage & Collaboration in the Cloud

Room 112

First time on the cloud? Learn how to harness the power of collaboration with Google Drive! Create folders, documents, forms, and spreadsheets that will transform sharing as you know it. Regardless of what age your students are, they can learn how to Drive! 

This session is best experienced through use of a laptop or Chromebook.