Getting Your Roster:

Creating the form

Getting the data you are looking for

Having Students Create Class Folders:

Create a folder for each period

Create a folder with the following nomenclature: “Period Last.First” (ex. 1 stevens.john)

Show students how this folder was created

Have them share this folder with you

Move the folder from “shared” into the correct period

From there, anything that the students add to their folder will be updated in your “recent” tab and completely managed by the students themselves.  No work for you!!!

Using Add-Ons in Google Docs:

Merge by MailChimp

Table of Contents


Twitter Curator

Social Drop for Twitter

Using Add-Ons in Google Sheets:




Random Generator (passwords for students)

Remove Duplicates

Play Time!!!

Here are the challenges:

Create a sample document for your students, then share it out to them via doctopus for them to personalize and complete.

Create a document that can be emailed and customized for your students and send it to them using personalized tags.