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What is Augmented Reality?

-- Trigger Image

-- Overlay

-- Comparison to QR codes

How does it work?

-- Lighting

-- Holding steady

-- Having good enough WiFi available

How do we create our own?

-- Create a channel

-- Make it public

-- Share it with students

-- Choose/Create an overlay

-- Choose/Create a trigger

-- Add it to a channel

-- Finish

WHY??? (from a Teacher-Centered standpoint)
-- Easter Eggs for student handouts

-- Assisting students from anywhere

-- Assistance for students with an IEP, visual processing disorders, and much more

-- Back to School Intro

-- Parent-Teacher Conference warm-up

WHY??? (from a Student-Centered standpoint)

-- Verbal clarification of mastery

-- Video clarification of mastery

-- multiple opportunities for explanation on one sheet of paper

-- Book reports?

-- Storytelling

Your Challenge:

Create at least one Teacher-Centered use of AR and one Student-Centered use of AR!