Monterey Day 1 - Getting Googley

Getting Googley

Theme - All about Google Apps in the classroom and for student projects.

 Faculty Session Title Session Description
 Jason Borgen Turning the Everyday Project into a Website Project--ePortfolios and PBL with Google SitesFrom book reports and state reports to  building online museums and Internet scavenger hunts, Google Sites allows for easy access to collaborative and intuitive website tools. See how Google sites can assist you and your students in digital literacy and Common Core mastery through authentic and engaging projects.Or, want to capture student success throughout their academic career? Learn how to use Google Sites for ePortfolios!
 Kevin BrookouserFollow Google's formula for innovation with #20Time in the classroomTo help inspire innovation and creativity, Google offers employees 20% of their time to work on a project of their choosing. Teachers who offer the same to their students can meet the learning goals while creating powerful experiences that lead to increased motivation, creativity, and divergent critical thinking. This presentation will outline how to inspire teachers to organize a 20% program in middle and high schools across curricula, how to effectively communicate the rationale of the program to administrators, parents, and students and how to execute the program so students are able to manage their time effectively for a successful final project. 

 Stacey CoolAnnihilating Classroom Constraints with Interactive Digital ActivitiesWho wants a boring digital worksheet?  Taking your paper worksheet and putting it online is hardly progress, but a common step with new technology adopters.  We will examine the SAMR model and then see how we can take your current lessons and make them sing using digital tools.  The ultimate goal is to create an interactive guided inquiry activity using Google tools.  We will explore adding tables, images, YouTube Playlists, as well as hyperlinking within documents to create a lesson that will help your students think independently and enjoy. Beginners, this session is for you!

 Nick CusumanoGoogle-ly Goodness Tools to Inspire CreativityGoogle-ly Goodness Tools to Inspire Creativity- The Google Universe is filled with wonderful tools to inspire your students to be creative. The Google Art Project, Google Cultural Institute, and more will be explored in this hands on workshop. Once students are inspired, use Chrome Web Apps to create projects that will have students recording podcasts and editing videos/photos without purchasing expensive software. Bringing a laptop or  Chromebook is highly recommend. 
 Rachel DiephouseDebate with Google DocsLearn, experience, and plan a Google Docs debate. Get each of your students involved in the discussion and build classroom community as your students (learn to) create and support arguments. After carefully crafting arguments, students debate! Each student has a device which he or she can use participate in the conversation. Watch as teams use the chat feature to encourage one another and plot their next move. Give a voice to critical thinking through both written and spoken words and prepare students to calmly and confidently express their opinions in the real world. 
A laptop will help you access the full features of this session.
 Megan EllisDigital Writing with Google AppsThis session will you in the shoes of your students to experience the digital writing process in Google Apps. CCSS emphasizes the importance of writing using technology to collaborate with peers, as well as writing for authentic audiences. This session will help teachers consider what it means to have their students write for a REAL audience with collaboration, feedback, and sharing, and will explore some fun and unexpected tools for publishing student work.

 Erica GoldsworthyCreating Scientific Thinkers and WritersLet’s get students excited about science! With new Common Core (and new science standards!) students need to learn to collaborate, design and explain their understanding and reasoning. This session will explore how to engage science students with project based learning. I will provide examples of how I used Google tools (sites, presentations, docs, folders, etc) to motivate students, increase collaboration and include writing in the classroom.

 Melissa HeroThe Magic of Google Add-Ons & ScriptsGoogle Add-Ons & Scripts are magic! Collect data using google forms and then let the scripts do all the work for you! Scripts can be use to grade quizzes (Flubaroo), setup Google Drive class assignment folders (gClassFolders), send out documents to students (Doctopus), add rubrics to documents (Goobric), and make make your collected data easier to read (Autocrat and DocAppender). In this session, you will see examples of these different scripts in action, get step by step instructions, and create some of your own forms to save you time in your classroom this fall.

A laptop is needed.
 Bob KellyPutting Your Class in Cyberspace – Google Sites and Edmodo Take You There

Use Google Sites and Edmodo to put your class completely into cyberspace. Your class will be paperless, funner, and much more easily managed! No more file cabinet! All lessons, all student work, all grading will be in cyberspace! You will find you have tons of resources and much more time! You will learn how to use cyberspace to build a curriculum that blows away the common core with all sorts of critical thinking projects and writing exercises.

 Diane MainGoogle Drawing: No Longer Drive's Ugly Stepchild!Ever notice that other tool in the list when you click “Create” in your Google Drive?  Would you like to collaborate on marking up screen shots for tutorials? Yes, you CAN do that!  Google Drawings is a little-known part of Drive that packs a lot of power for creating and sharing visual information.  Come learn about this tool and create visuals, templates, and other embeddable items that can also be exported as PDFs or images.  Google Drive supports the Common Core Standards in both Math and ELA by providing students an alternative tool for students to demonstrate understanding while building visual literacy skills.  Skill level: all (with prior Google Drive experience)