Citizen Science with Mobile Devices

Science doesn’t always take place in a lab (or classroom). With the help of mobile devices, we can take students outdoors to participate in real world science and data collection. Citizen Science is a growing movement where “citizens” can participate in research that is relevant locally and globally. Many of these projects allow our students to collaborate with scientists. In this session, you will learn how citizen science can inspire students to get involved in global investigations. We will explore iNaturalist, Project Noah, and others, in the classroom and “in the field”.

Presentation for Educators:

I based this project off of Julie Byrne's work at Montgomery High School.  Here is her website with information about how she used iNaturalist with her students.  http://protecthabitat.wordpress.com/inaturalist-curriculum/

Helpful Equipment:
*The eBird apps are expensive - if using it for my classroom, I would just use the website.

Intro Presentation for Students:

Student Handouts:
Carlmont High School Biology Project:
Student Samples:
Rockstar Ideas for Classroom Use:
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