Napa Day 3 - Pedagogy

Rock Star Napa Day 3

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 Presenter Session Title Description
 Jon CorippoCommon Core ELA Lessons to Fall in Love With8 parts of speech, report writing, note taking, vocabulary and stories. These are the meat and potatoes of ELA instruction - but how do we teach these via Common Core? You'll leave this session READY TO START for Common Core in ELA. Includes online tools, workflows and tools for almost any grade level. 

Common Core Standards: Writing and Literacy - almost any grade level.

 Nicole DalesioCollaborative Presentations for the Common Core Using the Speaking and Listening Common Core Standards, learn how to get students creating and sharing collaborative, media rich Google Presentations. You’ll also see how the logistics for sharing student work and going paperless is easier than you imagined.  You’ll also get tips for teaching students to creatively enhance student speeches, cross-curricular research reports, understanding of literature, or writing. Get specific Common Core lessons and project ideas that you can modify for your subject or grade level, and see specific student project samples to get you inspired.

 Kathleen Diver The Inversion FactorFlip your classroom!  Learn to use iPad screencasting Apps to help you prepare independent learning activities for your students. They can PAUSE you and REWIND you and RETURN to you later, all without interrupting the rest of the class. The CCSS directs teachers to provide opportunities for students to develop higher order thinking skills and connect real world applications to the work we do. When you Flip your instruction students have more opportunity to think and learn independently and practice Common Core skills under your direction. 

All Skill Levels
Ali deGuiaScreencasting as a form of Assessment

What does the flipped classroom look like in the classroom?
 Join the journey to discover screencasts created not only by the teacher but also by your students as well. We can also see those created by other teachers for you to show or tailor to your classroom needs. We will use Tech Smith tools: Jing, Snagit, Camtasia for the computer and Screen Chomp for iPad. Bring your own device and join us for creative fun!

All Skill Levels

 Marlena Hebern InstamathStudents use Instagram to record and explore real world math problems. Learn the basics of Instagram, be inspired by Dan Meyer's 3 Act lessons, and explore web resources to help you. Use your own grade level standards to design a Common Core aligned activity for your students. 

In addition to the grade level standards you choose, this activity also includes the following mathematical practices: 
1. Make sense of problems and persevere in solving them.
2. Reason abstractly and quantitatively. 
3. Construct viable arguments and critique the reasoning of others. 4. 
4. Model with mathematics.
6. Attend to precision
Writing Standard 6- partially  (Using technology to produce and publish writing, interacting and collaborating with others, demonstrating sufficient command of keyboarding skills.) 

All Skill Levels
Any camera able device 

 Will KimbleyFlip it Where?So you want to Flip (or Blend) your classroom? Have you thought about how students will access your resources? The Flipped and Blended classroom allows more time to get students to do the work of Common Core. Come build a website to host all your resources and get students working instead of you talking

All Skill Levels

 Jennifer KlozckoRock the Blogosphere: Blogging and the Common CoreMeet the demands of the Common Core by blogging with your students- at any grade. Learn how to use YouTube, Google Apps, and multimedia tools to publish student writing and promote literacy across the content areas. Discover how student blogging and commenting can promote discussion at your school and around the world. Teachers, teacher leaders and administrators can be bloggers, too! Model digital writing for your students, staff, and families. Participants will leave with a created blog and a toolbox of digital tools to rock the blogosphere next school year