Napa Day 1 - Google

Rock Star Napa Day 1

 Presenter Session Title Description
 Jon Corippo and Ali deGuia
If You Can Draw It - You Own It!
Socrative too!
Learn BOTH Socrative and InfuseLearning in a super fun, hands-on format. Both of these free tools work on most any internet enabled device!! Get ready to have a frolicking good time in the #edufightclub

Common Core Elements: 
Get data driven instruction in any grade level and subject area - even electives. This session will give attendees a tool for FAST Check for Understanding and data driven instruction.

Intermediate-Advanced Skill Levels

 Nicole DalesioDigital Portfolios with Google Sites Learn about digital portfolios (e-portfolios) and how to make them using Google Sites as a fun, creative way to demonstrate student learning. Discover how you can mix and match free online web apps. and other Google tools that allow your students to create digital media (photo, audio, video, presentations) and learn how to share /"embed" your projects. Get lesson and project ideas that promote creativity and collaboration that align with the common core, and see student samples of how kids are already doing this

Beginner-Intermediate Skill Level

 Kathleen Diver Intro to GoogleFORMationYou can learn to use Google Forms to manage information about your students, participants in your clubs, parents and even for your staff. Turn that data into an easy-to-read graph format. Create surveys, questionnaires, quizzes, course registrations, elections, and collect student work. Using Google Forms allows students to develop CCSS skills such as collaboration, data gathering and analysis.  Responses are easy to collect with Google Forms.

Beginner-Intermediate Skill Level

 Lisa HighfillWonder-full classrooms-

Using Multimedia Text Sets to build Comprehension and Curiosity 

Multimedia text sets are collections of content that you can curate, package, and efficiently push out to students using Google Docs, Forms, and Spreadsheets. They can be powerful inquiry based learning tools that allow students to explore your Common Core curriculum. 

This session will take a look at how using Google Apps for packaging and workflow can greatly enhance your reading and writing instruction.  We will also explore innovative ways that all students' voices can be heard through the use of free web tools. This is a session full of new thinking, new ideas, and loads of sparks that will ignite your digital instruction. 
Common Core Elements:
Digital reading and writing, publishing writing, advanced tech skills, Depth of Knowledge instruction, close reading

All Skill Levels  

 Marlena HebernThe Magnificent 4
The Magnificent 4 
Create a literacy infused elementary K-6 classroom where children interact with technology and books with Reading Rewards. Develop and practice common core foundational skills using the adaptive curriculum in ScootPad. Communicate, collaborate, and create using Reading Rewards, paired with ScootPad, Star Fall, and Airplay.

All Skill Levels
 Will KimbleyGoogle Forms: May the Forms Be With YouTake Google Forms to the next level. If you already know the basics of Forms (or attend Kathleen Diver's amazing session), learn to use them in unique & innovative ways. When you create quizzes in Google Forms, you can use the Flubaroo script to autograde and provide student feedback. Take control of student Docs sharing nightmares and tracking assignments with Forms dropboxes. Learn how to use branch logic to create diagnostic quizzes, choose-your-own adventure stories, create self-grading rubrics and much, much more.

Intermediate-Advanced Skill Levels

 Jennifer Kloczko Flip Your Homework with Google Sites Are you tired of piles of paper homework? Done with packets? Your students will flip out over homework flipped with Google Sites! Learn how to incorporate all of Google’s tools to meet the digital demands of the CCSS and engage K-12 learners at school and home by using Google Forms, Documents, Presentations and YouTube Videos. From elementary to high school, your homework and students will never be the same. See examples from classrooms starting as early as Kindergarten and first grade. Participants will leave with a Google Site ready to go. 

All skill levels