Napa Day 2 - Multimedia

Rock Star Napa Day 2

 Presenter Session Title Description
 Nicole DalesioMobile Photography for the Common Core Mobile photography has had a profound impact on our culture. Its’ impact also extends to both teaching and learning. So, it’s no wonder, why this new art form has quickly become such a popular means of creative expression. Not only is it easy for just about anyone to be a creator of photographic, visual storytelling, and artistic content, but beginning in 3rd grade, Common Core standards require students to add visual media to enhance their multi-media presentations. We’ll cover how to use this powerful device in the classroom while exploring cross curricular applications.

 Kathleen Diver Beam Me Up Scotty and BYODStudents can learn to use electronic devices like the Star Trek characters to communicate, create video projects, record scientific data and research information related to the activities in the modern day classroom. The Common Core directs us to encourage students to develop problem solving skills. They can use technology and media literacy when using their own devices when they find work-arounds to complete assigned tasks. Learn to leverage student owned hand held devices within your learning environment. BYOD can be a powerful alternative to district sponsored devices. ENGAGE!
 Ali deGuia Getting Started with Google Drive

 So you have heard about it…you may have used it, but how far do you dare to take it? Learn the basics of what you can use in your Google Drive: docs, forms, spreadsheets, presentations.  

Beginner-Intermediate Skill Level
 Marlena HebernRock'n Book Reports with iMovieLearn a simple way to develop media rich book reports for students using iPads and iMovie. Incorporate common core standards into your project, provide just enough structure to allow for student success, and then have the opportunity to create your own book report or video. 

iPad or iPhone
For grade levels 2nd-8th
All Skill Levels

 Will KimbleyStudents as Creators of ContentStudents should be creators of content, not merely consumers. Common Core standards demand that students produce and publish online and use digital and multimedia tools. Come curate and experiment with a wide variety of multimedia tools that will have your students becoming masters of multimedia

All Skill Levels

 Jennifer KloczkoBook Trailers Rock the Common CoreAre you looking for that ONE strategy that will get your students reading, writing, and talking about books? Book trailers promote creation and collaboration and meet the technology and literacy demands of the Common Core. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn about book trailers, how to use and create them with students, and you will create your own! Bring any and all digital devices! We will explore a variety of digital tools, from beginner to advanced to use with whatever devices you have in your classroom. Free and low cost apps can be used with your iPad, Chromebook, laptop, dusty old desktop, or even your iTouch or phone!  

For all grade levels K-12