Santa Barbara Sessions

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 Presenter Session TitleSession Description 
 Chris ScottMinecraft: Crafting Learning Your students love it, join us to learn how you can put the power of Minecraft to work in your classroom. In this fun make 'n' take session you'll learn Minecraft basics and explore effective ways to use Minecraft to meet and exceed the Common Core Standards. You'll collaborate with others to develop lesson ideas as well as learn how other Minecraft educators are creating dynamic learning environments to reach every learner. Beginner to advanced Minecraft users are welcome (your students will thank you).

 Joe DonahueThe Math of Khan
(with apologies to Trekkies)
 The Khan Academy is best known for their library of videos. However, the site has a wonderful math curriculum program. This session will explore how you can use Khan Academy to fill in those math skill gaps we all find many of our students have. We'll look at how to set up your class so that each student receives an individual program that meets his/her needs. We'll also explore the incredibly detailed data you can monitor on each of your students. When done, you'll have a system that really lets every student succeed in math.

 Geri CoatsInfographics to Teach and LearnInfographics can serve many educational purposes in the classroom. Visual in Informational Literacy is required within the CCSS at all levels, and infographics are a fun way to attack that area. Students need to be able to discern information from reading infographics and have the critical thinking skills to synthesize and report out data in a clear and concise way, ie in an infographic. 
Participants will see a variety of examples of how infographics can be used as an instuctional tool and for student creation. A variety of free tools will be shared and teachers will walk out with skills to use and create infographics in their classrooms immediately. 

 Kathleen Diver The Inversion Factor Flip your classroom!  Learn to use iPad screencasting Apps to help you prepare independent learning activities for your students. They can PAUSE you and REWIND you and RETURN to you later, all without interrupting the rest of the class. The CCSS directs teachers to provide opportunities for students to develop higher order thinking skills and connect real world applications to the work we do. When you Flip your instruction students have more opportunity to think and learn independently and practice Common Core skills under your direction. (Educreations, Showme, Touchcast and Telagami)

All Skill Levels 

 Phil Landfried iBooks Book Creator is an iPad app which is used to create iBooks. I have used it with first to sixth graders. Students created projects which included text, self ­photos, self videos, images from the internet, voice recordings and music. Topics included biographies, dinosaurs, birds, reptile life cycle, frog stories, California missions, states, and ancient civilizations. The projects are exported to iBook when finished. My session will include examples of student projects. Participants will be able to create a project and export it to iBook. I will provide iPads. I will set up a special drop box account to upload iBooks to, or visitors will be able to upload their project to their own dropbox account. If there is time or interest I can demonstrate other video and photo apps for iPads and participants can share their own favorite iPad video and photo projects.

Susan StewartThe Blended Elementary ClassroomEver wondered where to begin with blended learning? You may already be on your way and not even know it! We'll look further into what blended learning is and see examples of activities and lessons that use a blended learning approach.

We'll explore tools and resources for having a paperless or paper-lite elementary classroom, including,, Class Dojo, Google Docs/Forms, plus class websites to organize it all.