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 Chris Scott
 @cscottsyGCT, SBCUE PresidentSBCUE president, Google Certified Teacher, History and Technology Teacher Santa Ynez School
 Joe Donahue @jdonahue805 GCT, GACT, SBCUE TreasurerJoe is a Google Certified Teacher, Google Education Trainer and a Leading Edge Certified Professional Developer. He teaches middle school Math, Coding, and Robotics and administers the Google Apps for Education program at Santa Ynez School in Santa Ynez, CA which is about 30 miles north of Santa Barbara. He has been teaching for over 10 years and has a Bachelor's degree in Environmental Science, an MBA, and a Master's in Exercise Physiology.

 Geri Coats @gericoatsGoogle Certified Teacher (Sydney Cohort 2011)
Google Qualified Individual
Badges from IPT Ed Tec ( on Blogger and Google Sites
Extraordinary Educator, Renaissance Learning

 I currently teach 10th grade Intervention through College Prep English at ERHS in Santa Maria, CA. I have a BA in English Literature and an MA in Teaching. In 2011 I was a finalist in my local region for the CLHS Teacher of the Year. I have worked as a Department Chair & Intervention TOSA allowing me to develop a broad vision as well as an ability to focus in on how to affect change in my classroom based on data and results from action. I am a member of various groups including CUE, iSTE, & ASCD and have presented various lecture and poster sessions at CUE14, Fall CUE13, iSTE13, etc, and provided local professional development to colleagues at my site/district on specific tools like Renaissance Learning, Wix websites, Google Docs, etc.

 Kathleen Diver @kathleendiverDiscovery Education Network Star (DENStar)
Siemens Discovery STEM Institute Fellow
Kathy is a High School Teacher who loves to teach freshmen students Biology and other teachers in a variety of technology and pedagogies. Kathy is the Staff Development Committee Chair at her school. She was a CUE Rock Star faculty in 2014 (Napa) and 2013 (Solana Beach). She is a 2012 fellow for the Discovery/Siemens STEM Institute. Her love of learning new things both about science and using technology leads her to attend "camp" during the summer months to broaden her experience and exposure to what is happening in the field of education. In addition to being a BTSA trainer and consulting teacher for beginning teachers, she has worked in a program to be a technology teacher leader through LA County Office of Education. She has earned her BS in Environmental Biology and her Master's degree in Science Education.

 Phil Landfried @phillandfriedI have a Masters of Arts degree from Ohio State University in Communications and a Masters of Education from Notre Dame College. I was a Certified MicroSoft Engineer.
 I have been the computer specialist for the past 10 years. I have taught for about 45 years. I have presented at Santa Ynez Rockstar Camp, CUE annual conferences 2013 and 2014, the annual conference of the American Montessori Center several times, the Santa Barbara County Office of Education Summer Teacher Conference several times, and at the Santa Barbara County Office of Education Technology Showcase in 2013. I attended the CUE leadership conference in 2012. I have taken many classes in computer technology.

Susan Stewart @techcoachsusan Master of Arts - Educational Technology, Pepperdine University. A self-proclaimed Super Nerd, Susan Stewart has spent the last 15 years teaching K-2 students. In 2013-2014, this innovative teacher successfully moved to 100% paperless homework in her second grade class and also integrated Google Apps for Education with her 7-8 year olds. Other aspects of her class went paper-light as well, including behavior management and parent communication. Throughout her career, Susan has served as a site-level and district technology lead, and was recently named to the position of Fowler Unified Instructional Technology Coach.  She regularly leads small and large group PD sessions within and outside of Fowler Unified.