Saugatuck Day 1

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 Jon Corippo

It's an #Edufight!
Infuse Vs. Socrative
Remember "clickers"? They were going to change the classroom, but sadly, many of us are back to using cups and popsicle sticks to CHECK FOR UNDERSTANDING.
Enter Socrative and InfuseLearning, FREE CFU tools that allow you to gather data from ALL your students on the fly in creative and engaging ways.

Folks in this session will be in a competitive session with an #edufight with Socrative vs Infuse Learning from each teach. Plan on working. Plan on learning. Plan on having fun.

Remember: no one talks about #edufight club.

 Chris Scott

Room 16
Google Drive-ing The Common Core Classroom 

Want to encourage self-directed learning while ensuring your students master Common Core Standards? Join us as we breeze through Google Drive basics to learn the best Google Drive workflows. We'll explore and use Google Drive apps -especially the Kanbanchi app.  You'll make and take your way to a more organized digital classroom footprint that encourages curiosity. I'm really excited to share the power of Google Drive and how it will help you in your classroom.

 Lisa Nowakowski

Room 15
Outta SiteGoogle Sites is a great way to share information, lessons, and curate students’ work. Learn to create a site for your classroom, student ePortfolio, or collaborative student Site. This session will guide you through the process of creating a website to suit your needs. The 4 C’s of CCSS can be met through Sites. All Google Products seamlessly integrate with Sites. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have created a website that meets their needs.

Please bring a laptop.

Rachel Diephouse

Room 14
Debate with Google DocsLearn, experience, and plan a Google Docs debate. Get each of your students involved in the discussion and build classroom community as your students (learn to) create and support arguments. After carefully crafting arguments, students debate! Each student has a device which he or she can use participate in the conversation. Watch as teams use the chat feature to encourage one another and plot their next move. Give a voice to critical thinking through both written and spoken words and prepare students to calmly and confidently express their opinions in the real world.

 Dave Tchozewski

Room 13
Google Apps: A View from the CloudsGoogle Apps inherently support Common Core State Standards with their ease of creating, sharing and collaborating. There is no better single suite of apps that make cooperative creation so simple.

If you are new to Google Apps, this session is for you. Get a brief introduction and overview of some Google Apps basics including Gmail, Calendars, Drive (Docs, Forms, Spreadsheets, Presentations and more).

While this session will focus on Google Apps basics, several tips and tricks will be shared to help you to work smarter, not harder.

Skill Level: Beginner

 Tammy Lind

Room 9
Got Google? Using Google Apps to Assist Struggling Learners"Going Google" can make a huge difference for all kids--especially those that struggle in the classroom! This fast-paced session will highlight tips and tricks that we can use to assist all students using the many tools available in Google Apps for Education. Chrome Apps and Extensions that are specifically targeted for students will be shared as well as tips on using Drive, Docs, and Forms to help our struggling learners. Connections to specific ELA standards will be made throughout the session and participants will leave with plans in hand to assist our kids that struggle in the classroom.

 Drew Minock    

Room 10
 Get Chromed Take Google Chrome to the next level! Create an easier learning experience with a personalize browser. This session will help you extend your already connected classroom using the Chrome store. Discover extensions you didn't existed that will make your life, and your student's lives easier. Come learn how to increase your productivity and Get Chromed! 

 Ben Rimes

Room 18
 DIY Online Book ClubDo you enjoy tinkering with tools, and playing with systems until they break? Not satisfied with "pre-made" applications? Come explore how you can create your own DIY Online Book Club using an assemblage of Google Tools, including Google+, Hangouts, Moderator, Sites, and more! The communications, collaborations, and publishing requirement being asked of us by the Common Core Standards allow for some creative tinkering within Google's ecosystem.

 Dave & Cheryl Prindle

Room 7
Get Your Google On!This session will introduce you to the many different Google apps that can help you connect you and your students. We will explore the Google Drive, Google +, Google Hangouts and Google Hangouts on Air, Google sites, YouTube.  This session will take you from a beginner to at least intermediate in two hours. Come get your Google on!

Please bring a laptop and have Google Chrome installed.

 Brad Wilson

Room 17
Crowdsource a Community Blog!If your students can send an email, they can post to your blog! It's seriously that easy to have students use technology to publish writing every day (a CCSS anchor standard). Create an 'online window' to the learning going on in your classroom using Blogger as a moderated class, school, or group blog where all members of your learning community can contribute. No matter your role, subject or grade.. this is the year to start sharing your story! BONUS: Now featuring the Easy Blogger Jr iPad app which simplifies shared posting even more! (even Kindergarten can do this!)

 Rebecca Wildman    

Room 8
 Drive and iPad, Best of Both Worlds Utilizing the power of Google Drive on an iPad has never been better. Students are able to create digital portfolios filled with documents, presentations, videos, photos and ePub books. Through the use of digital portfolios students are able to share their understandings with peers, parents and school. In this session let’s explore the possibilities of using GAFE in an iPad classroom.