Saugatuck Day 3

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 Jon Corippo

How to Present Like a Rock Star

Think about this: How does an Apple Distinguished Educator or a Google Certified Teacher get to be that qualified?

This session will be a "mini-camp" from the creator of the CUE Rock Star Camps - point of entry for almost 30 Google Certified Teachers and more than 10 ADEs over the last 4 years.

Learn how to: present better (more than just slides), get invited to present more, how to market yourself and get your ideas out. Attendees will make a "bio" that allows them to put this all into action and connect with all those Rock Star Teachers as a peer, not just an attendee.

 Chris ScottYouTube on Your Side

Every student requires our ability to differentiate. YouTube makes differentiating easy. In this session you will learn the power of creating playlists, editing video, creating channels to leverage the power of YouTube in your classroom. This session is for all grade levels and subject areas. Utilizing the power of YouTube in your school will help you create critical thinkers, and self-directed learners. Join us as we unlock the power of YouTube for your school and classroom.

Participants will create custom YouTube playlists that they will use in their educational setting. Also we will explore the power of the editing and notation tools built into YouTube in this engaging session.

 Lisa Nowakowski

Room 15
If You’re Appy and You Know ItThere are several great Apps available. We will look at creation  Apps. Lego Movie Maker is creative, FREE, stop-animation movie maker.  Animoto and Puppet Pals 2 provide quality creations for FREE, too. This workshop provides hands-on experience with creating. - Props will be provided!

Beginner to Advanced

Please bring an iOS device (Lego Movie Maker, Puppet Pals 2, & Animoto) Laptop - Animoto only.

Rachel DiephouseCreating Spoken Word Poetry to Inspire Social ChangeWords may not be the only way to communicate anymore, but they're still powerful. Spoken word poetry creates powerful messages that you can't help but share. This session will lead you through how to empower students to create their own spoken word poetry videos to inspire social change in your subject area. See examples from one seventh grade class, learn the process, and begin creating your own example to share with your students. Be inspired by the possibilities and abilities our students have to change the world.
Rebecca WildmanCreate and Innovate with iTunes UiTunes U is an incredible FREE tool that empowers both teachers and students alike. iTunes U allows educators to create amazing courses to be shared with their students that are filled with videos, books, documents, apps, web links and podcasts. Come join the conversation and learn the many educational benefits and innovative power of iTunes U!

 Dave TchozewskiiPad Apps to Enhance Teaching and LearningIn this session, we will share and work with a number of apps that support and enhance teaching and learning. Focusing on collaboration and creation, these apps will certainly be geared toward supporting Common Core State Standards.

Rather than a typical app smackdown, we will take time to dive a little deeper into each app to learn how it can help teachers teach and students learn.
This session will be applicable to all skill levels. Attendees must have an iPad and an iTunes account to be able to download these FREE apps.

 Tammy LindFind your way with Google MapsGoogle Maps is so much more than just finding directions and places to have dinner!  Using extras like Tour Builder and Smarty Pins, Maps can become a very powerful classroom tool for your kids. During this session we will look at the basics of Maps and Google Earth and then start mapping a new path for the school year.

 Drew Minock        Bring A Whole New Dimension to Ideas! 

Bring learning to life in your classroom using augmented reality (AR)! This session will teach participants the process of creating AR experiences using DAQRI’s powerful cloud-hosted creative tool, 4D Studio. We will discuss meaningful ways to integrate augmented reality in your classroom, school, and community, as well as the best AR education apps currently available. This hands-on workshop will leave you empowered and inspired to bring a whole new dimension to ideas!

Bring a laptop to this session and you can sign up for a FREE 4D Studio Account HERE

Ben Rimes Video Story Problems Traditional math and science problems are often dull and disconnected from the real world. Video allows us to bring the real world into our classrooms, and let us wrestle with tangible math and science curiosities from the real world. This is a hands on session that reinforces the Common Core Math Practice Standards as well as the Next Generation Science Standards' Conceptual Shifts. Bring your mobile device, your curiosity, and be prepared to shoot some video!

Dave & Cheryl Prindle The App Sandbox Come to the App Sandbox and get all kinds of apps to use to connect your students to you and your courses. It doesn't matter what grade or subject you teach any or all of them can be used with any device. Bring your imagination and your course knowledge and we will have a great time playing in the sandbox. Use any of them to connect to the CCSS. 

Most apps work on laptops and tablets.  Laptops will help creating content.
 Brad Wilson with Stacey SchuhPlaying with Media on the iPadIt is the age of digital CREATION in the classroom and the iPad is the perfect tool for students to produce a wide range of media (CCSS) to communicate and represent their knowledge! Be ready to have fun creating movies, mashups and more using your own media and ideas. Leave ready to facilitate engaging and relevant projects that will turn your classroom into a learning studio with students as the directors!