Saugatuck Day 2

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 Jon Corippo        APP SMASHING:
The Ultimate Common Core Mindset

Using ONE app to learn is about as old fashioned as writing an essay about what you did last Summer or doing a science project on a board instead of as a website.

App Smashing is based on the idea that kids NEED to combine apps and workflows in a smooth and consistent way, based on the info they want to share. App Smashing is actually Common Core - students need to choose the correct application for the job - so let's teach them to use FIVE apps at once!

Ditch the word processor and forget about Times New Roman 18 and get your lessons to be EXPLOSIVE!

 Chris ScottMinecraftEDU: Crafting Learning
Your students play Minecraft. You've wondered about Minecraft. Now it's time to take your awesomeness to a new level with MinecraftEDU. Minecraft encourages curiosity and rich learning in all grade levels and subject areas. You'll learn how and why you must start using MinecraftEDU in your classroom. Once you've tried it, you'll see how awesome your class will become. Your students will thank you. Bring a laptop to experience MinecraftEDU.

For full participation bring a laptop. Although, I've got a trick for iPads as well.

 Lisa Nowakowski

Room 15
Outside The BubbleDeeper understanding, it’s what we’ve been asking for. So let’s take advantage of it, and think outside of the bubble - the testing bubbles. Using Apps like Socrative are useful to get a pulse on your class or to use as an exit ticket, but we need to think BIG when it comes to assessments. Projects and Web Tools provide the perfect opportunity for teachers to incorporate alternative assessments in their classrooms. Simple videos from flip cams and iPods are a great beginning. Or take it up a notch with creations using We Video, Voki, Go Animate! or Animoto.

Please bring a Laptop.

Rachel DiephouseCultivating a Culture of Innovative Creators: iBooks & the CCSS
Cultivate a culture of innovative creators by working with your students to create an annotated iBook. Using Google Docs and a teacher computer with iBooks Author, help students think critically about a text. Mentor them as they curate and create resources for future readers. Come to this session to see an example student-teacher collaborative iBook and to receive practical resources to help you begin creating a product with your students. Combine fiction and non-fiction resources that meet the CCSS, and empower students to synthesize and create for an authentic audience.

 Dave TchozewskiStrengthening Teaching and Learning with Web ToolsInteractive and engaging web tools are abundant but which ones are appropriate for the classroom? In this session, we will take a look at number of terrific, but lesser known, web resources that can quickly and easily enhance the classroom experience for both teachers and students.

Many of these tools will allow students to collaborate and create, thus satisfying many Common Core State Standards. Other tools will allow teachers to quickly assess student learning which can lead to adjustments for individualized learning.

This session applies to all skill levels and subjects.

 Drew Minock      Inspire Innovation by Fostering Collaboration and Creativity True innovation happens when collaboration and creativity are given the opportunity to run wild! Finding many different solutions to the same problem creates outside the box thinking. Using technology to with this approach breeds innovation. During this session we will tackle an abundance of web tools, applications, and devices to get students working as a team to reach new heights. Come explore how to use technology as a tool to inspire student innovation, collaboration, and creativity!  

 Tammy LindAppy Hour..Getting the most out of Google DriveMost of us are familiar with the many fantastic Chrome Apps and Extensions available in the Chrome web store. As if that isn’t cool enough there are Apps to add to your Google Drive! These apps are great for kids that need additional supports and are perfect for those that have “flipped” their classrooms. Join me for this fast-paced, interactive session to see the use of these Apps in action. You will walk away with great ideas to use in your classroom the very next day!
Ben RimesRedefining the Learning EnvironmentTechnology is at the heart of the Common Core, but many school districts are spending so much time aligning to the new core standards, many amazing technology related standards are going unnoticed. The College and Career Readiness Standards, as well as digital media and technology standards within ELA are laying a foundation for technology-rich, student-driven digital publishing environments. Let's explore what's possible when we begin to redefine the learning environment and what publishing means today.

Dave & Cheryl PrindleLearning, Learning, EverywhereIn this session we will use Schoology, Google Apps For Education and content building apps to create a Flipped/Blended/Online (21f) class that students can access on any device anywhere anytime they have an internet connection. Play time will include making your own content with a variety of fun, easy to learn and use web apps. All I can say a dachshund, a thing, a chomper, haiku’s, a bird, and much more may be involved in this session. We will give you tools to grab and hold your students attention. Everything is applicable to all K-20 subjects. Bring a laptop to create content.

Please sign up for an Instructor account at

 Brad Wilson and Stacey SchuhRockstar Writing for Students
Shouldn’t young writers be inspired and engaged? How does technology fit into that process? Join us to explore tools that spark student ideas and provide the right stage for the right audience. Design writing opportunities across the curriculum and give your class the spotlight.

 Rebecca Wildman Creative Writing in the Digital Classroom With the CCSS students collaborate to produce and publish writing using digital tools. When students share their stories with a global audience it is real, relevant and meaningful. Utilizing social media and great apps like iMovie and Book Creator students are able to publish their work, thoughts and ideas. As educators we should embrace and model with students how to write and share information while using social media. In this session let’s learn and converse on ways to incorporate technology in the writing classroom.