Lake Tahoe Day 1

Getting Googley

Theme - All about Google Apps in the classroom and for student projects.

 Faculty Session Title  Session Description
 Brian BriggsThat's Chrome-Tastic!The Chrome web browser is becoming a popular tool in the classroom from surfing the web to chromebooks. What makes this such a cool product is the additional "apps" and extensions that can be installed for free! We will explore some useful apps and extensions and have time to play. So when we return back to our classroom, we will have more tools in our toolbox. It's alot like Baskin Robbins, we may not like all 31 flavors, but we will taste them all and find our favorites!

 Megan EllisDigital Writing with Google AppsThis session will you in the shoes of your students to experience the digital writing process in Google Apps. CCSS emphasizes the importance of writing using technology to collaborate with peers, as well as writing for authentic audiences. This session will help teachers consider what it means to have their students write for a REAL audience with collaboration, feedback, and sharing, and will explore some fun and unexpected tools for publishing student work. 
 Melissa Hero The Magic of Google Add-Ons & ScriptsGoogle Add-Ons & Scripts are magic! Collect data using google forms and then let the scripts do all the work for you! Scripts can be use to grade quizzes (Flubaroo), setup Google Drive class assignment folders (gClassFolders), send out documents to students (Doctopus), add rubrics to documents (Goobric), and make make your collected data easier to read (Autocrat and DocAppender). In this session, you will see examples of these different scripts in action, get step by step instructions, and create some of your own forms to save you time in your classroom this fall.

Please bring a laptop
 Will KimbleyGoogle Forms: May the Forms Be With You Google Forms is the gateway drug to Google Drive. Quizzes and surveys are just the beginning. Use them to collect assignments, instant feedback quizzes, choose your own adventure stories, rubrics, and more. They are a great tool for flipping your classroom. Come create all of these and be a Forms Jedi.

Please bring a laptop
 Jennifer KloczkoFlip Out Over Flipped Homework with Google SitesAre you tired of piles of paper homework? Done with packets? Your students will flip out over homework flipped with Google Sites! Learn how to incorporate all of Google’s tools to meet the digital demands of the CCSS and engage K-12 learners at school and home by using Google Forms, Documents, Presentations, and YouTube Videos. From elementary to high school, your homework and students will never be the same. See examples from classrooms starting as early as Kindergarten and first grade. Participants will leave with a Google Site ready for the new school year. All skill levels.
 Diane MainGoogle Drawing: No Longer Drive's Ugly Stepchild!Ever notice that other tool in the list when you click “Create” in your Google Drive?  Would you like to collaborate on marking up screen shots for tutorials? Yes, you CAN do that!  Google Drawings is a little-known part of Drive that packs a lot of power for creating and sharing visual information.  Come learn about this tool and create visuals, templates, and other embeddable items that can also be exported as PDFs or images.  Google Drive supports the Common Core Standards in both Math and ELA by providing students an alternative tool for students to demonstrate understanding while building visual literacy skills.  Skill level: all (with prior Google Drive experience)
 Lisa Nowakowski Outta SiteGoogle Sites is a great way to share information, lessons, and curate students’ work. Learn to create a site for your classroom, student ePortfolio, or collaborative student Site. This session will guide you through the process of creating a website to suit your needs. The 4 C’s of CCSS can be met through Sites. All Google Products seamlessly integrate with Sites. By the end of the workshop, attendees will have created a website that meets their needs. Intermediate to Advanced

Please bring a Laptop.
 Ryan O'Donnell Breaking up with PowerPoint: “It’s not you… its me… I found someone new… Google Slides”Jumping into the Google world doesn't mean the end of presentations. This session will not just show you how to make the switch from PowerPoint to Slides, but also demonstrate all the Tips and Tricks plus Do’s and Don’ts for great presentations for both you and your students. “People may forget what you said but they remember how you made them feel”
 Sean O'NeilGoogle+: From Communicate to Community “Produce and publish.” Nearly every grade level CCSS requires that students produce and publish. But where? What you may think of as just another social network is actually a great place to collaborate, communicate, & publish! Learn not only how to navigate this amazing space yourself and leverage it as part of your personal learning network, but how to create safe spaces for your students to work together in Communities and Hangouts as well as display their work in ways you’ve never thought of.
 Julie Willcott Googling in the iOS WorldPower searching for answers, curating course material for your classroom, and fostering digital literacy amongst your students are all possible with Google apps on the iPad or other iOS devices. After a quick overview, we will focus on the use of Google Search, SnapSeed, and Blogger.  Expect to learn about the musical style "hard listening" and create your own "hard learning" lesson.  CCSS for Research to Build and Present Knowledge will be addressed in this beginner/intermediate session.
 Joe WoodDigital Storytelling with Google Maps and EarthYou’ve looked up your childhood home and high school, but have you ever created your own digital story using Earth and Maps? In this session we will examine both tools and create stories that incorporate text, images, video, and global tours.

To take full advantage of this workshop please bring a laptop. Chromebooks will work for the Maps and Maps Engine Lite portions of the workshop, but not Google Earth. iPads and Android tablets will be very limited in this workshop.