Lake Tahoe Day 2

Multimedia & Devices (tablets/1:1/BYOD)

Theme - Any and everything about multimedia and devices in the classroom.

 Presenter Session Title Session Description
 Brian BriggsSmartphones ARE AllowedBring your smartphones and be ready to play. During this workshop we will discuss strategies for using smartphones as classroom learning and communication devices including resources such as Socrative, Instagram and Celly.
 Megan EllisBehind the Curtain - Running a "Paperlite" ClassroomThis session will take you "behind the scenes" of a typical assignment cycle in my "paperlite" classroom. See how to manage prewriting through publication with 100+ students all from the cloud. If you have struggled with students sharing untitled documents with you, been frustrated by receiving hundreds of emails with sharing notifications, or just want to streamline your own classroom practice, we will look at tips, tricks, and scripts that will simplify your workload and give you more time to play in the mountains. 

 Melissa HeroCitizen Science with Mobile DevicesScience doesn’t always take place in a lab (or classroom). With the help of mobile devices, we can take students outdoors to participate in real world science and data collection. Citizen Science is a growing movement where “citizens” can participate in research that is relevant locally and globally. Many of these projects allow our students to collaborate with scientists. In this session, you will learn how citizen science can inspire students to get involved in global investigations. We will explore iNaturalist, Project Noah, and others, in the classroom and “in the field”.

You will need a laptop to set up accounts, and a mobile device "in the field".
 Will Kimbley Students as Creators of ContentStudents should be creators of content, not merely consumers. Common Core standards demand that students produce and publish online and use digital and multimedia tools. Come curate and experiment with a wide variety of multimedia tools that will have your students becoming masters of multimedia.

Please bring a laptop
 Jennifer KloczkoBook Trailers Rock the Common Core!Are you looking for that ONE strategy that will get your students reading, writing, and talking about books? Book trailers are the best way to meet the digital literacy demands of the Common Core as students, read, write, and publish for a global audience. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn about book trailers, how to use and create them with your students, and you will create your own! Bring any and all digital devices! We will explore a variety of digital tools to use with whatever mobile devices you and your students have in your classroom.
Bring any and all devices!
 Diane MainGarageBand Karaoke: Song Parodies to Spice Up your TeachingSpice up your teaching and students’ learning with fun song parodies that you and your students create using GarageBand. We will review the entire process, beginning to end, involved in creating a song parody related to your curriculum content. We’ll also look at how videos for these parodies can be created too. Then each participant will start on his or her own parody idea, or we can create one together as a group.  This is a great opportunity for your students to build their literacy skills through creative writing and meet the demands of Common Core.
 Lisa Nowakowski If You're Appy and You Know ItThere are several great Apps available. We will look at creation Apps. This workshop provides hands-on experience with creating a short stop-animation movie (props will be provided) and other video and photo creation apps.

Please bring an iOS device (Lego Movie Maker, Animoto, Skitch & Puppet Pals 2) Laptop -  Animoto
 Ryan O'Donnell
iPads & Movie Making: ‘I’m ready for my close up Mr. O’Donnell’Bring your iPad if you have one, but we’ll have extra if you don’t! This session will be all about the impact that movies and digital storytelling can make in any classroom. From storyboarding, shooting, editing and publishing we will cover all the steps that any teacher, from newbie to expert, will need to create powerful classroom videos.
 Sean O'NeilAppademics: Build Mobile Apps Without Coding!We have students demonstrate their levels of proficiency in many ways: tests, presentations, papers, and performances are just a few. Why aren’t we having them do the same with mobile apps? By the end of this session, participants will be able to create mobile applications on a topic of their choice that will act as a “portfolio” as well as bring the information they are usually “Googling” for all to one place: their phone. Participants will be able to model this lesson at their site so their students will be producing apps in addition to all other forms of assessment.
 Julie WillcottCreating Multimedia BooksBook writing and publishing is the wave of the future.  Multi-media books can contain audio clips, videos, annotated images, drawings, charts, graphs, interactive quizzes, and more in addition to traditional text.  You can write custom books which improve student engagement and comprehension,   Your students can write books which demonstrate understanding and pride of ownership.  This session will focus on the use of apps (specifically Creative Book Builder and Book Creator) on the iPad as well as iBooks Author.  You will have the opportunity to create a book of your own.  CCSS for Production and Distribution of Writing will be addressed in this beginner/intermediate session.
 Joe Wood Smartphone PhotographyThe best camera is the one that you have with you and today nearly everyone has a camera just a few fingertips away.  During this session we will discover tips and tricks for using your smartphone to document the world through built-in tools and supplemental apps.  After some quick tutorials we will head out on a smartphone photo safari.