Lake Tahoe Day 3

Technology Pedagogies (CCSS, Flipped/Blended/Online Learning)

Theme - Technology in the classroom.

 FacultySession TitleSession Description
Brian BriggsTo Code Or Not To Code...Of course that answer is TO CODE!  We all heard about Hour of Code, some did not know where to start.  Consider this the session where you take the leap.  We will go over some resources, lesson plans, and of course coding games to get you on track for the "Hour of Code"!  To prepare you and to get your kiddos going.

 Megan EllisUsing High-Tech Tools to Create a Culture of Literary NerdsIn a world of video games, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, how do we get kids excited about reading? By using those tools to engage them in the reading process, of course! This presentation will address projects and activities that encourage students to determine theme, analyze literature and write arguments to support claims with clear reasons and relevant evidence, as well as use technology to create and publish student work. Learn how to cultivate students’ love of reading using a variety of activities and free Web 2.0 tools.
 Melissa Hero What to Do Once You FlipWhen you flip your lessons, class time opens up for students to dive deeper into the curriculum and practice the four C’s. (Creativity, Critical Thinking, Communication, and Collaboration) In this workshop, we won’t focus on the teacher created videos used in the flipped classroom. Instead, we’ll focus on activities that students can do in class, after watching the flipped videos, that encourage the four C’s. We’ll look at how to provide students deeper learning opportunities and how to assess what they learned using forms, discussions, blogs, and student created screencasts and videos.
 Will Kimbley Flip it Where?So you want to Flip (or Blend) your classroom? Have you thought about how students will access your resources? The Flipped and Blended classroom allows more time to get students to do the work of Common Core. Come build a website to host all your resources and get students working instead of you talking.

Please bring a laptop
 Jennifer Kloczko Connected Classrooms: Let's Get Blogging!Meet the demands of the Common Core by blogging with your students- at any grade. Learn how to use YouTube videos, Google Apps, and tons of multimedia tools to publish student writing and promote literacy across the content areas. Discover how student blogging and commenting can promote classroom discussion at your school and around the world. Teachers, teacher leaders and administrators can be bloggers, too! Model digital writing for your students, staff, and families. Participants will leave with a created Blogger site and a toolbox of digital tools to rock the blogosphere next school year.
 Diane Main Gaming in the Classroom with MinecraftEDU

(Participants need LAPTOPS, not iPads or other tablets.)

In this workshop, we will:

* Get inside the game and learn to move around and manipulate the digital world together

* Explore the special options and menus given to teachers in MinecraftEDU

* Look at ways other teachers and students have been using the game across all areas of curriculum and with diverse grade/age levels

* Visit and join an online community where educators discuss the game's role in their classes and share the materials and resources they have created.

Through the creation of Minecraft environments, your students will build the 21st Century skills of communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking that underline the Common Core Standards.

 Lisa Nowakowski Outside The BubbleDeeper understanding, it’s what we’ve been asking for. So let’s take advantage of it, and think outside of the bubble - the testing bubbles. Using Apps like Socrative are useful to get a pulse on your class or to use as an exit ticket, but we need to think BIG when it comes to assessments. Projects and Web Tools provide the perfect opportunity for teachers to incorporate alternative assessments in their classrooms. Simple videos from flip cams and iPods are a great beginning. Or take it up a notch with creations using We Video, Voki, or Animoto. Beginner to Advanced

Please bring a Laptop.
 Ryan O'Donnell Ed Tech and Common Core StrategiesThe CCSS asks students to perform with sophisticated levels of cognition and application. Technology can help students flourish by focus on brain-based instructional pedagogies and specific teaching methods. In this session we will explore key instructional strategies to build students' readiness skills, 21st Century Skills, and higher-order thinking skills. Attendees will learn how to bring meaning and context to the learning. Prepare to leave this session with tons of ideas and strategies. 
 Sean O'NeilDigitizing Depth of KnowledgeWith the move to Common Core, more districts are talking about Webb’s Depth of Knowledge and how students can demonstrate mastery of standards. Learn how to apply the tools you already use to each level of Webb’s framework and explore ways to address each level through various free Web 2.0 technologies. 
 Julie Willcott iTunesU for the Classroom iTunesU is a powerful tool for delivering classroom curriculum. Teachers have access to thousands of well curated courses at no cost as well as the ability to author their own courses. Best practices for the use of iTunesU in the classroom will be reviewed as you create an initial unit for use in your classroom. Bring material you want to include and develop customized content to address CCSS. No prior experience creating content for iTunesU is necessary.  

 Joe Wood YouTube & YouFamiliar with YouTube Teachers or YouTube EDU? During this session we will examine the educational content available on YouTube through teacher-created playlists and educational channels. We will also spend time learning how to create our own videos using free screencasting tools, Google Hangouts, and YouTube editor.

Participants will want a laptop or Chromebook for this session.