Tulare Day 2

CUE RS Tulare Shred Session Day 2

Multimedia & Devices (tablets/1:1/BYOD)

Theme - Any and everything about multimedia and devices in the classroom.

 Faculty Session Title Session Description
 Tim HastonTeacher/Student Screencasting for the YouTube learnerOur students have grown up on YouTube. There is a natural attraction to being able to watch a 3 minute video to understand a large concept. Learn the power of teacher and student created videos for instruction, motivation, and demonstration. Come with an idea, leave with your first video. 
Session Level: Intermediate

 Will KimbleyStudents as Creators of ContentStudents should be creators of content, not merely consumers. Common Core standards demand that students produce and publish online and use digital and multimedia tools. Come curate and experiment with a wide variety of multimedia tools that will have your students becoming masters of multimedia.

Please bring a laptop or a chromebook to this session

 John Miller Blogging BootcampHow are your students going to share their work online? Blog it! You'll outfit a free class blog complete with widgets, pages, and a welcome post as well as discover other classroom bloggers at your grade level. You'll learn how simple it is to embed audio and video files, slideshows, and other web content directly into any post that you or your students write.

 Lisa Nowakowski If You're Appy and You Know ItThere are several great Apps available. We will look at creation Apps. Lego Movie Maker is creative, FREE, stop-animation movie maker. Animoto is a FREE, movie trailer type App. This workshop provides hands-on experience with creating short movies (props will be provided). No video editing experience necessary. Beginner to Advance

Please bring an iOS device (Lego Movie Maker) & Laptop (Animoto)
 Sam Patterson Programming and Robotics K-5 Explore a sequence of programming tools and platforms from apps, to robots.  This workshop will get participants exposed to programming in as many platforms as we have time for.  Ipad Apps (Kodable, Hopscotch) + Robots (Sphero, Lego, Bee bot)

Please bring an iOS device 

 Jen RobertsWriting and Citing with Google ToolsLet’s write. We all want students writing more and Google tools make it easy. Common Core requires students to use evidence in their writing. This session is all about evidence; how to find it, how to cite it, how to crowdsource it, to create success for everyone. Classroom-tested, student-approved, pedagogy to get your students writing and citing.
 Matthew Schwartz

iPad vs Android vs ChromeBook vs Ubermix Classroom Deployment  Smackdown

I want Student Devices in my classroom, but which one to choose? What is best for my situation? How do I even get started? Get introduced to four of the most popular choices. Learn the Pros and Cons of each. Then take part in break-out sessions for focused discussions to show you how to get started
 Susan Stewart Book Trailers and the Common CoreExcite readers with Book Trailers! Get students reading and talking about books while meeting many of the Common Core's Technology and Literacy standards. We'll highlight the website PhotoPeach.com for Mac, PC, and Chromebook users. Also, iMovie for iPad users. 

Beginning to intermediate users with any device. 
 Adina SullivanImages and Video as a Springboard to LearningWhether you are working with reluctant writers, struggling readers, English Language Learners, or new concepts; photos and videos offer what words alone cannot. Learn how to use pictures and video to explain concepts, provide a stimulus for writing, and kick-start learning across the curriculum. We'll look at tools for the teacher to use as part of instruction, as well as for students to use to demonstrate knowledge and showcase proficiency.
Kristen Berg  APPS that APPLY to Common CoreDiscover some great apps that help student work towards common core standards. Use graphic organizers, virtual whireboards, gamis and more to help students organize their ideas, articulate their thinking and publish their products.