Vegas Day 1

The Big Three

Theme - Google, Apple or Microsoft Session

Lunchtime session: Tweet Like a Rockstar! 

Tweet Like a Rockstar

 Faculty Session Title  Session Description

 Doug Robertson Google Drive Unburied My Desk

Google Site
 When students have access to Google Drive in their home lives and school lives age-old statements like, "I lost my paper" will become a thing of the past. Cloud computing is becoming a core feature of many operating systems, so students need familiarity now in order to be successful going forward into upper grades, college, and careers both domestic and global. This session, geared towards beginners just discovering Drive, will provide hands-on, consequence-free guided practice and experimentation which can lead to easy implementation in any classroom, no matter the tech level.
 Trisha Sanchez

Google Apps provide the tools for building literacy through reading, writing and vocabulary instruction. Students have opportunities to interactively learn from peers as well as the teacher. This session will give you strategies to implement the 4 Cs of the Common Core and by the end, provide you with practice and opportunity to design your own activities. It is highly recommended you come with lessons/lesson ideas that you can transform into learning opportunities with Google Apps that infuse digital literacy. Beginner - Intermediate

 Sam Patterson  Blogger for Every Grade  How to setup and use blogger as a professional journal, classroom document manager, a power sharing platform, a lesson plan book, and a private class newsletter.

Please bring an Ipad, laptop or a chromebook to this session, and have a Google Account.
 Greg PitzerApp Workflows to Smashing Products
Session Resources:
Allow students to break out their creativity and create meaningful products.  iPads can be difficult to work with to develop a full project.  We will examine how to select appropriate apps that play nicely with others.  Select a whiteboard app, presentation app, music app, movie app, sprinkle in some cloud storage apps and top it with Youtube, iBooks and you have a workflow to create some smashing products.  Your creativity is the only limit to what you can create on the iPad, this session will help open you mind to unique ways to make your apps work for you.
Please bring an iPad for this session.  An Android tablet may work as well.
 John WickTaking iBooks for a Google Drive to an iMovieCome ready to learn how to leverage the power of collaboration found within Google Drive while utilizing iPad apps including iMovie. Students and teachers will be able to create an iBook for any subject. Meets CCSS ELA standards for "production & distribution of writing" as well as "research to build and present knowledge".
Participants will benefit from bringing an iPad and macbook to take full advantage of this session, though all will benefit from information presented and some hands-on with some devices provided by Wick.   Apps that will be used include: iBooks, iMovie, Google Docs, Google Drive, and explain Everything .  

Beginner - Intermediate
 Jennifer Kloczko

Room B110
 Flip Your Homework with Google Sites!
Link to session resources: 
Are you tired of piles of paper homework? Done with packets? Your students will flip out over homework flipped with Google Sites! Learn how to incorporate all of Google’s tools to meet the digital demands of the CCSS and engage K-12 learners at school and home by using Google Forms, Documents, Presentations and YouTube Videos. From elementary to high school, your homework and students will never be the same. See examples from classrooms starting as early as Kindergarten and first grade. Participants will leave with a Google Site ready to go. 

All skill levels     
Please bring an Ipad, laptop or a chromebook to this session, and have a Google Account.
 Robert Hochberg Getting Mappy With it

Session Resources
Come explore one of Google’s lesser-used tools in education, Google Maps. Throughout this session participants will explore Google Maps and learn how Maps can be used to meet the 4 C’s. Google Maps can be used across all curricular levels. Participants will leave with resources that can be used on Monday Morning.

Please bring a laptop to this session, and have a Google Account - You may want to download and install Google Chrome prior to attending (Click here to get Chrome)
 Kristen Beck         Let's Get Organized!  Using Google Tools to Organize Yourself, Your Students, and Your Materials.
CLICK HERE for Resources
(Resources are living and changing...)
Come and get yourself organized and ready for your new school year.  We will learn how to organize bookmarks and extensions on our Google Chrome Web Browser homepage.  Next we will see how Google Calendar can be used to organize assignments, resources, and important dates for teachers and students.  Finally, we will explore Google Drive as a place to store and organize all of your instructional resources including Microsoft Office documents.  The first hour we will go through each tool and the second hour you will organize!  There will be many examples of how CCSS aligned resources can be organized for you and your students.

All Skill Levels
 Amy HarrisEPortfolios and The Daily Classroom Website Building websites is no longer a nightmare when using Google Sites!  Learn how to teach your students to build websites and EPortfolios using Google Sites.  This session will also help you become more organized in a flipped classroom with building a daily website.