Vegas Day 2


Theme - Anything and everything about Science, Tech, Engineering, Art & Math in the classroom. STEAM up your classroom!


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Amy HarrisWhat in the world is a Fermi!? A Fermi is not a cute little fluffy creature, but is a complex mathematical question named after Enrico Fermi using estimation and advanced problem solving skills to find the solution.  This session will provide the steps of how to teach your students about Enrico Fermi, how to get them to create their own Fermi problem, and how students use Google to help them solve their complex problems.  

 Doug RobertsonAdventures in YouTubery

Google Site
 Youtube's upload and editing programming means anyone, students or teachers, can be a writer, actor, producer, editor, and director for their own movie. Learn to shoot multiple videos and use the simple interface to upload and cut them together into one seamless and sparkling presentation with titles, credits, transitions, and zazz.CCSS.ELA.Literacy._.5 standards at each grade level will be specifically addressed. Session will cover the basic steps needed to make simple, three feature videos, but more advanced attendees will be given the opportunity to create longer, more complex movies.
Please be sure to have a gmail account.
 Trisha SanchezFollow Your Passion and Be a Genius!

Imagine, students engaged in meaningful research, enjoying the learning process and having complete autonomy to choose what they learn. This is the power of Genius Hour. By incorporating reading, writing, research, speaking and listening standards, there is no one learning opportunity that covers Common Core the way this can. In this session we will understand the basics of Genius Hour, its potential to promote STEAM, explore management techniques and see examples of student products. Walk away with a plan for starting your Genius Hour next year!
 Sam Patterson  Programming and Robotics K-5 Explore a sequence of programming tools and platforms from apps, to robots.  This workshop will get participants exposed to programming in as many platforms as we have time for.  Ipad Apps (Kodable, Hopscotch) + Robots (Sphero, Lego, Bee bot)

Please bring an iOS device 
 Greg PitzerMoving from Spiral to Interactive Notebooks
Session Resources:

Room 103
Tired of standard lab reports that are graded and never seen again?  Learn how to use several publishing tools to allow students to create interactive lab reports that are published online and allow students to collaborate and give feedback on their experiments.  We will create several different lab reports using Blogs, Evernote, ePortfolios, Google Docs/ Sites, and Infographics so you can find that best fit for what your students need.  The focus will be on how to collect data collaborative, express/ model the information effectively, defend your findings and provide peer feedback.
 John WickBecome a STEAM PUNK Applications Educator 
As educators we need something more than STEAM; how about developing a STEAM PUNK (a Professional Unit Needs Kit)? This session will focus on several iPad apps and how they can be used to help bring STEAM education alive using videos, screencasting, and augmented reality.

Apps discussed include Aurasma, iMovie, Educreations among others. Develop your PUNK for iPad instruction. Information will be shared, open discussion and exploration of these apps is encouraged.  Apps can be used to support all CCSS standards for production and research of work.

Beginner - Intermediate

 Jennifer KloczkoSTEAM? What's the BIG idea? Link to session resources:
STEAM? Maker Space? Everybody is talking about STEM and STEAM. But what is it all about, really? In this session, we'll explore tons of resources to STEAM up your classroom with Science, Tech, Engineering, Art and Math! Together, we will crowd source all kinds of STEAM resources and you will have time to explore and plan! Please bring an Ipad, laptop or a chromebook to this session, and have a Google Account.
 Robert HochbergMakin' it Happen

Session Resources
What do bananas, foil, and nails have in common? All three can be used to control your computer! Come find out how and explore different ways to bring a Makerspace in your common core classroom. Teachers and students can use Makey Makey to meet and exceed multiple ELA Literacy Standards.
Please bring a laptop,  We will build our own controllers and they connect to the laptop via USB.
 Kristen BeckWhat's the Connection? How to Integrate STEAM, Common Core Standards, Real Life Experiences, and the Content Areas Using Instructional Technology Tools

Link to session resources:
CLICK HERE for Resources
(Resources are in a constant cycle of revision)

In this session participants will look at how the CCSS Standards of Mathematical Practice drive the integration of technology tools like You Tube, Thinglink, and Google Drive in creative ways.  We will spend the first hour collaboratively working on problem-based STEAM activities that integrate the content areas.  The second hour we will create our own problem-based STEAM activities for our students.