Vegas Day 3

Technology Pedagogies (CCSS, Flipped/Blended/Online Learning)

Theme - The art and science of teaching with technology.

 FacultySession TitleSession Description

 Doug Robertson A Needle in a Stack of Needles

Google Site
 CCSS state that students, "...tailor their searches online to acquire useful information efficiently, and they integrate what they learn using technology with what they learn offline." Search engines do not have An Answer, they have All the Answers, so students must be taught to separate the wheat from the chaff while reading, listening to, and viewing a variety of media. Through this session we will discuss the best ways to model the critical thinking skills students must build to effectively and efficiently use the Library of Alexandria in their pockets.
 Trisha SanchezSay What? Digital Feedback?

The Common Core stresses the idea that students be able to take questions and
suggestions (feedback) in order to improve their learning. Frequent feedback, both from peers and teachers, can provide for the kind of reflective learning that allows students to have multiple opportunities to master skills and concepts.This session will showcase several tools for providing digital feedback and allow you to practice the use of each tool.

 Greg PitzerInformative Writing with Google Search Tools
Session Resources:
Learn how to research, organize, collaborate, peer edit efficiently using Google Tools, Add-ins, and apps with Google Chrome.  Develop workflows that work best for you and your students.  Investigate how to  find information effectively, record references, comment with peers, allow teachers to score via rubrics.  Within Chrome, we'll use Diigo, EasyBib, Citelighter, Evernote to organize information and sources. We'll look at voice comments and Goobric to give feedback.The final product will be workflows that you can use in your classroom for students to effectively write an informative paper.
 Sam Patterson STEMBOT 3000  using Lego and other robots as STEM learning platforms.  This session will explore 2 different approaches to robots and STEM Learning.  Participants will design a robot supported lesson.
 John WickBlendology 101: Introduction to Blended Learning tools

(Website is under continual revision)
A beginner's introduction to blended learning and many tools available and necessary to make a blended learning environment possible.

Begin to think differently about teaching and how to help students succeed using a blended learning model. Leave with a knowledge of online tools to help begin the process of blending your classroom. Presentation tools, social media/blogs, and collaboration/workflow tools will be discussed. Each of these topics can be used to support common core instruction in the classroom across all grade levels.  


 Jennifer KloczkoBook Trailers Rock the Common Core!
Link to session resources: 
Are you looking for that ONE strategy that will get your students reading, writing, and talking about books? Book trailers promote creation and collaboration and meet the technology and literacy demands of the Common Core. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn about book trailers, how to use and create them with students, and you will create your own! Bring any and all digital devices! We will explore a variety of digital tools, from beginner to advanced to use with whatever devices you have in your classroom. Free and low cost apps can be used with your iPad, Chromebook, laptop, dusty old desktop, or even your iTouch or phone! Please bring any and all devices to this session! You can use them all! 
All skill levels.
 Robert Hochberg     Don't Hate Animate 

Session Resources 
It is a known fact that when students interact with the subject matter they are learning, mastery is easier. By introducing web 2.0 animation tools such as Morfo, Voki, Tellagami, etc... to the classroom, students gain a deeper understanding of the content. These tools allow the student to create their own masterpiece by pulling bits of information together. CCSS Connection: These tools allow the the teacher to meet many CCSS standards including present information with multimedia components, use digital media to display data.

Please bring a Laptop and an iPad!  (IOS apps you can download for the session Chatter pix, Facetalker, Morfo, Puppet Pals, Sock Puppets, Tellagami, Toontastic)
 Kristen Beck    What's Your Passion?  Using Passion Projects to Build Community and Make CCSS Curricular Connections Throughout the School Year.
Link to session resources:
CLICK HERE for Resources
(Resources are in a constant state of revision)
Do you want to build a community of learners who connect and collaborate to solve problems?  Using a Passion Project based on CCSS Writing Standards increases student connectivity throughout the school year.  Participants will write "Passion Papers" they can use as examples for their students, turn them into Word Clouds, and see how they can become year-long blogs and/or tools for connecting the content areas to student interests. There will be specific examples of how to connect student passions to STEAM topics.  We will use Google Drive, Blogger, and Wordle, and Schoology (or other LMS tools - Google Classroom). 
 Amy HarrisCommon Sense, the Internet, and your students

The world can be a scary place when allowing our students to use the internet. In this session you will learn how to teach your students to be responsible digital citizens when using technology in the classroom.