John Stevens, CUE Hornet Rock Star: A reflection by someone who's on the Rock Star Teacher fast track, connecting, changing, leading

CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp is a different experience - by design:

CUE Rock Star Camp Mission Statement and Philosophy

This camp is about changing education through technology, building an ever expanding group of tech-oriented educators. 
CUE Rock Star is built for teachers to socialize in the context of connecting these inspired educators from throughout California and beyond.


CUE Rock Star purposely limits attendees' comprehensible input to TWO 2 HOUR sessions per day. 
This prevents "info glut" and allows enough time to gain mastery during the sessions.

Social time:

Daily social time is built in to the schedule, before class, at long lunches and evening "after parties".
CUE Rock Star is about the powerful "what if" conversations that happen after sessions that carry on into the evening.


CUE Rock Star will always be a low cost camp, allowing teachers to pay their own way.


CUE Rock Star session leaders and attendees should expect to add very rich and exciting personalities to their personal learning network, whether via email, Twitter or any other web 2.0 collaboration tool.

The Rock Star Teacher Camp Story: (from Jon Corippo)

The Camp's working original title was "The Lone Nut Ed Tech Camp" - really. The idea was to connect all the folks who were "that one teacher" at their school - imagine, in CA that would be almost 10,000 folks bonded together in Twitter, support and collaboration.

Who could stand up to that network of peers? Not politics, not an admin of some silly district, that's for sure.

Well, the leadership team felt that name was "too aggressive". And I agreed. So, Rock Star Teacher popped into my head. The extension was now to move beyond a network of Lone Nuts and actually start SURFACING new, great presenters. People like Chris Scott, John Stevens, Alice Chen and Kathleen Diver. They have moved into positions to start being regional change agents.

Rewinding a bit: The whole thing EXPLODED on DAY 2 of the FIRST Rock Star when Danny showed us this video: Leadership Lessons from the Dancing Guy . When that video played...the whole room of 120 folks went WOW, that's what WE are all doing.

That was now 4 Summers ago. And it's all just as true as it was on day 1. The tools have changed, but the passion hasn't.

CUE ROCK STAR has spawned:
Almost 20 Google Certified Teachers
At least 8 Apple Distinguished Educators
DOZENS of teachers who aggressively present
At least three CUE affiliate and presidents (notably Will "The Hat" Kimbley and Shoeless Scottsy)
At least two Microsoft Innovative Educators
A CUE State Site Admin of the Year
A CUE Innovative Educator of the Year
Resulted in MANY promotions for teachers (including a certain Director of C&I)

And I personally have gotten DOZENS of emails that say: "I am home, I found my people"..."I was blown away, I'm doing EVERYTHING differently because of Rock Star"..."EVERY teacher should have to go to Rock Star"....and my favorite? "I never saw myself as a leader, but now, I know I must be..."

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