CUE Rock Star Teacher Camps
A CUE Rock Star camp is 3 themed days of EdTech professional development with innovative and award winning CUE Rock Star Staff members. Each morning starts off with light breakfast, socializing and topped with a morning "shred session." Shred Sessions allow you to get to see who the presenters are and what the workshops will cover so you can choose wisely before engaging in a 2 hour hands on workshop, make and take style. Included is a 2 hour lunch which allows you to interact with the CUE Rock Star staff and your fellow CUE Rock Star participants so you can ask questions, brainstorm and be inspired. Most importantly ice cream is provided at lunch each day. The morning 2 hour workshop sessions are repeated after lunch.  CUE Rock Star encourages the hall way conversations and relationship building that extends beyond the conference.  Typically an optional unconference dinner is arranged one of the nights of the event.  The unconference dinner is on your own and optional, however is a fun excuse to forge lifelong relationships with conference attendees and staff.

CUE Rock Star Teacher Express Camps
A CUE Rock Star Express camp is typically one day aligning to the CUE Rock Star philosophy of a fun and relaxed day of hands on EdTech workshops and encourages the connections and hallway conversations.  Food is not included at a Rock Star Express event.  

CUE Classic Rock Star Teacher Camps
A CUE Rock Star Classic Rock camp is a special CUE Rock Star event that takes place at a classic or historic venue.  A Classic Rock event may have differing amenities depending on the venue.