CUE Classic Rock Star USS Hornet

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This year, CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp Participants will have the opportunity to learn and live-aboard a real piece of American History.

The Aircraft Carrier USS HORNET Museum is a national treasure, having participated in two of the greatest events of the 20th century -- World War II and the Apollo 11 manned space mission.

Now peacefully moored at historic Alameda Point on San Francisco Bay, the USS HORNET is a timeless memorial to those who defended our American values and to those who have pursued America's technological advancements.

July 31 and Aug 1 2013, the CUE ROCK STAR TEACHER SUMMER CAMP will be on board the Hornet for two glorious days and one epic night of Ed Tech at it's finest. 

CUE Classic Rock Teacher Camp
A special edition of the CUE Rock Star Teacher Camp.  
Camp includes meals and optional lodging* on the boat. 
Note that you must bring your own bedding, this is a camping adventure! 
Click Here for more information.

$289 to camp out on the U.S.S Hornet overnight, meals and CUE Classic Rock admission
$259 for meals and CUE Classic Rock admission

Look over the Hornet Website for ideas:

Theme 1: STEM - anything that lends itself to STEM on an aircraft carrier is great. This can include: aeronautics, engineering, flight, geometry, design and so on.
                            The Hornet has many aircraft and an aerospace display right on board.  How can those be used for hands on learning?

Theme 2: History - How can we leverage an aircraft carrier to learn tools like Google Sites, Instagram, QR codes, podcasting, video or making reports or 
                             classroom experiences and field trips more meaningful? Maybe interview some Vets? Make a virtual tour?