USS Hornet Day 2

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All Sessions are "make and take" and hands-on, come away with skills - not just a slide deck!


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Session Description

Jon Corippo

Commom Core Workflows-

GIT 'ER DONE with creativity and no out of pocket expense!

Iron Chef, Google Forms, Google Advanced Search Lessons, How to Avoid the "Suck", Infuse Learning, Flubaroo, Embedded Instructions and MORE...I'll share specific ways to use all of these worflows (including templates and examples) to make your classroom SING with CCSS skills and creativity using all free tools and Marzano-esque techniques.

Frank Guttler

Hole in Time: Placing old pictures in new ones.

This location-based BYO-device session challenges participants to discover the USS Hornet through the lens of photos taken

by journalists and crewmen over the years. Participants will create original photos featuring 'location-matched' photos from

the Hornet's history. The effect being a hole in time giving a present day 'peek' into the ship's storied past.

Mark Hall

Photo Safari!

Bring what you have and learn some basic photographic principles and some free online tools to capture a taste of

what life was like on an aircraft carrier in World War 2. Then we can mash up what we

learned in day 1 to create some awesome products!

Will Kimbley & Juli Kimbley

Make Your Math Class Go Supersonic:

Students become producers of content instead of mere consumers by developing projects based on learning and research. Show them math is in the real world. On board the USS Hornet we will explore the carrier mathematically. Students then develop websites to demonstrate and reteach their learning to wider audiences.

Bonus feature: co-presenter Juli Kimbley will show how she has her students create textbooks by publishing an iBook of her classes entire quarter's math learning.

Cheryl Morris and Sam Patterson

Co-flipping on the Flight Deck - Equipped

PIf you are a seasoned flipper or an ambitious learner, this is the place for you. This workshop explores a wide range of flipping tools

that use conventional video. Participants will work with co-facilitators to develop awesome flipped components for their

classes. The workshop will embody the practice of flipped instruction and present information using the tools of flipped instruction.

The tool menu will include tools such as:

Screen capture

Web Cam

Ustream broadcasting

RSA style videos

G+ hangouts

Join us for a mind shredding session of video creation

Pam Rickard

Attract your students to computer programming with art!

Many people think the technology piece of STEM means becoming proficient with computer applications but it really means computing at a much higher level including computational thinking, logic, and coding. Expose your students to coding by learning, a free, open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and simulations. Computer science students can make $80,000 with only a bachelor's degree. There are not enough qualified workers to fill these jobs. Please download the application from before the session. Click here for session website.

John Stevens


Collaboration: As a team, we will use the artifacts on the carrier to create a problem-based project that will challenge your students using technology. Fully cross-curricular and standards-based, this sessions is sure to help your students do more than just follow orders.

Catlin Tucker

A Seaworthy Scavenger Hunt

Button up your peacoat and pack a mobile device in your ditty bag because we’re going on an adventure!

Exploring historical landmarks in person (or online) can ignite curiosity, inspire discussion and lead to exciting student-driven

projects bringing the past to life.

Alice Keeler

Stacey Cool

Sexy Spreadsheets

21st Century Lab Reports

This is fast paced, fun and sassy look into advanced Google Spreadsheet techniques. You never knew data could be so fun (SERIOUSLY!). Become a spreadsheet master! This has been a session favorite, if you're at least familiar with basic spreadsheets you will really enjoy this session and get a lot out of it.

Get rid of those cookie-cutter lab handouts and be ready for Common Core! Collect data using Google Forms. Write reports (both formal & informal) using Google Docs/Presentation, podcasting, clogging, comic strips, etc. We will do SCIENCE on the USS Hornet and try these tools out.