This is a BYOD event! Bring whatever camera you have, smartphone, DSLR, whatever. Bring your laptop or your iPad, whatever operating system you have we will figure it out.

Today we will spend our time between learning about some basic photographic concepts that we can use to improve the quality of photographs we take. Why do that you ask? Well for starters, its just fun. But more seriously, by creating a collection of high quality photographs of your own making gives you a pool of images you can use for your future lessons. Because you created them you do not have to worry about any copyright issues. You know where they are, and you know they are there the next time you go to use them! Lastly, you can help your students make their own images. No more copy and paste from the Internet. No more copyright issues, and there is a  much higher sense of student ownership when the students created all of the project!

First, lets look at 

next, we need to remember to

Once we have these ideas down, we can head out and take photos! 

The Apps:

If you are using a smart phone, Snapseed seems to be the popular choice right now. While there are a jillion different apps for photo editing but this one seems to work well. It is available for both iOS and Android. Oh, and its free!

If you are using a computer with your DSLR, Pixlr.com does a fine job editing. Oh, and its free!


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