USS Hornet Day 1

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All Sessions are "make and take" and hands-on, come away with skills - not just a slide deck!


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Session Description

Jon Corippo

Advanced iMovie Trailers - on an aircraft carrier! *Limited to 10 folks - SPECIAL ALL DAY SESSION

We'll be using iMovie for iOS, filming ALL over the carrier as our set, with the infamous Makayama, and including B-roll from movies like Tora! Tora! Tora!, Midway and Top Gun. Learn cool uses for fast storytelling and summarizing techniques that are GREAT for integrating CCSS style lessons in any grade level.

Shoot all morning - edit all afternoon - see examples of iMovie film trailers used as book reports and more.


Frank Guttler

Video Workshop A Thousand Words: Telling the Hornet's Story.

This site specific BYO-device digital storytelling session challenges participants to explore the history of the USS Hornet through onsite exhibits and on-line resources to create a short video that tells the stories; historic moments, hauntings and daily life aboard.

Mark Hall

Where has this bad boy been?

Let's use some free Geographic Information Systems (Google Earth, ArcGIS Online, Open Street Map, and even Bing Maps {I said it!]) to create Interactive tours of where this ship has been. We can then create products looking at how those places have changed over time.

Will Kimbley & Juli Kimbley

Turn Your Students into History Top Guns

Once again we embark on a mission to make students into producers of content instead of mere consumers by developing projects based on learning and research. On board the USS Hornet we will go on a QR code scavenger hunt. Participants fill out Google Forms with Autocrat scripts to collect information into a Google Doc for later research and editing. Information and pictures can be used to create reports in Google Docs or multimedia projects. Since field trips are out of the question for many teachers, you will also learn how to use Google Maps or iBooks Author to create your own textbooks and/or virtual tours based on your personal journeys (such as to the Hornet, or our upcoming trip to the Louvre)

Cheryl Morris and Sam Patterson

Co-flipping on the Flight Deck Novice/Unequipped

Participants learn flipping fundamentals and get to work developing

flipped units for their own classes by choosing from a range of tools

that do not use conventional video.

Tool tutorials will be presented by using flipped strategies. The

tool menu will include tools like

Your Phone

Voice over Powerpoint/ Slide Show


Livescribe Pens

The co-facilitators will be modeling best practices of flippedinstruction both in how they prepare the experience, and how they run the class. Participants will both learn and experience fundamental

best practices in flipped instruction and they will create a "flipped" resource for use in class.

Pam Rickard

We Need More Engineers.

Cycle your students through the engineering design process to learn the physics of boat building. Students use SketchUp to plan then build prototypes. Incorporate NGSS practices of constructing explanations and models (physical and conceptual) to reach the Common Core. Please download SketchUp before the session. Learn to make a template for student engineering eNotebooks using Google Sites. See classroom project Google Site here. Click here for session website.

John Stevens

Math Takes Flight

Using apps on your iOS device, create dynamic math lessons in conjunction with what the carrier has to offer. We will be doing some walking, a whole lot of talking, and collaborating, to create lessons that take flight! Think of the fun your students could have creating a game to show what they know or designing and building their very own website to illustrate their learning. You don’t need to be a programming wizard or software engineer to learn and neither do your students.

Catlin Tucker

Don’t Get Lost in the Sea of Common Core History Standards!

Engage with fellow mates in a sailor-centered lesson that explores the art of research, analysis, debate and argument writing. We’ll use web tools, QR codes, YouTube videos and face-to-face activities to ensure your copper-bottomed and Common Core ready!

Alice Keeler

Stacey Cool

Forget STEM, Don't Throw me Overboard

Take Your WorkFlow & Make the FunFlow!

This session is for CUEbies, those who are new to tech. Getting you started with keyboard shortcuts and intro to Google Drive and Google Docs. Talking about how Google Docs can address the 4 C's of Collaborate, Communicate, Create, and Critical Thinking.

Reduce grading and increase meaningful interaction with students. Learn to manage your class using ree programs and scripts. Get immediate feedback with electronic exit slips. Use no- or low-cost testing programs. Create forms to handle your parent contacts. Make tech your teacher's aide!