OC Day 1

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It's a Googlely Day

Theme - Google Apps in the classroom

Tally BurkhartGoogle Apps for BeginnersThis session will cover a general overview of the tools available with Google Apps for Education, including GMail, toolbar, bookmarks, Chrome extensions, Reader, Calendar, Drive, Google+, and Forms.
Alice Chen Going Google to Prep for CCSS Google apps are great for cultivating communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking skills -- all of which are required by Common Core. A prominent component of the Common Core State Standards also require the use of technology and the Internet to learn, collaborate, and publish. Learn how Google apps are ideal tools to meet these needs. Leave with ideas you wouldn't have conceived of on your own. Apps covered include Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Drawings, and Advanced Search. Best suited for beginner and intermediate Google Apps users.
Joe DonahueGoogle Chrome Apps & ExtensionsThere are many fantastic apps and extensions available for the Google Chrome browser. Participants will be introduced to as many apps and extensions as possible during the session. The apps selected will be the presenter’s favorites as well as those from participants who are willing to share their own favorites.
JR Ginex-Orinion Go Paperless with Google Drive & Scripts (Advanced Users) For those aspire to become Google Drive Ninjas, find out how scripts can get you there! In this session, you will create an online quiz with Flubaroo via Google Forms and Spreadsheets. Participants will reach Ninja status by learning how to automatically assign Google Docs to individuals or student groups using Doctopus.
Lisa Nowakowski Google Sites: If You Build It They Will Come CCSS is all about apply, analyze, evaluate, and create. Why not take your assessments to that next level? Or globally show off your students' work? Learn how to create a Google Site for your classroom use. You will learn to embed Presentations, YouTube Videos, Documents, and more. Sites is a great way to organize and display your classroom successes.
Chris Scott YouTube on Your Side Participants will learn how to leverage YouTube tools in their classes, including how to make playlists, editing videos, create channels, and more. And did you know there is a YouTube for Schools?