Go Paperless with Google Docs (Advanced Users: Flubaroo and Doctopus)

Sample Flubaroo Quiz: Please fill this out before we start as I will need your emails for the remainder of the session.

Sample Flubaroo Quiz: CUE RS OC


Quick Demo Tutorial on Flubaroo

Your Flubaroo mission today: 
  1. Create a Sample Quiz
    1. include email item
    2. include an image in a question
    3. allow for multiple answers
    4. edit 
  2. Share it / Assign it to at least 3 people around you
  3. Grade it and Email grades


Doctopus Script: CUE RS OC


Your Doctopus mission today:
  1. Pick one person to be the teacher in your group
  2. Create a spreadsheet w/ first name, last name, and email addresses of your new friends
  3. Create a simple Google Doc with a simple writing prompt to complete
  4. Install the Doctopus script
  5. Assign the Google Doc writing prompt to your friends
  6. Have them check their "Shared with Me" folders for the docs
  7. Have your friends complete the simple writing assignment
  8. Teacher then embargoes assignment and sends feedback and grades