Google Sites: If You Build It They Will Come - July 24, 2013

Presented by Lisa Nowakowski

CCSS is all about apply, analyze, evaluate, and create. Why not take your assessments to that next level? Or globally show off your students' work? Learn how to create a Google Site for your classroom use. You will learn to embed Presentations, YouTube Videos, Documents, and more. Sites is a great way to organize and display your classroom successes.

Before we begin you will need a Google Account.
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Create a Site

 We will keep all notes, ideas, and questions on this document. You are encouraged to contribute.

Sites for All Notes

Additional Resources:
Need a Presentation to insert? Try this one (use the link when you insert)!
Need a Form to insert? Make a copy of this one!


Create Google Site

Insert Doc, Form, Presentation


Insert Image

Custom Header for Sites