Paso Robles Sessions

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Google Tools - Will Kimbley

Leveraging the Power of Free to Meet CCSS. Students can create and collaborate with free Google tools. No more lost documents, true collaboration occurs, going paperless - winning! Session Resources

Twitter for Educators - Jon Corippo
Make an account, join folks and follow/create hashtags AND guaranteed hotshot teachers to follow!!

Publishing Student Content for a Global Audience - John Miller

Learn how to leverage free tools you already have access to to publish and promote student work for a global audience. I’ll share how my student and class blogs have attracted over 100,000 visitors and you’ll create a friendly, useful, and utterly amazing space to share creative student work. Session Resources

Web 2.0 Tools - Lisa Nowakowski
What are they and how do I use them in my classroom. There are a host of Web 2.0 tools out there. Incorporating them into your daily routine is quick and easy. Many of these tools can be used by your students, meeting those ‘Create’ and ‘Publish’ requirements set by CCSS. Session Resources

Low Tech, No Tech, Locked Down Tech, No Problem - Chris Scott
Discover new ways to integrate edtech into your low tech classroom and how to design your way around roadblocks.

Sexy Spreadsheets - Alice Keeler
Starting off easy and then getting a little fun and “sexy” with it.  Once you get started with spreadsheets they are deceptively fun and addictive.  You only think you do not like them when really they are magical.  Using Google Spreadsheet we will look at some reasons why you will be super excited to be using and collaborating with spreadsheets and Google forms.  Starting off with some spreadsheet basics, we will get you introduced to what you can do with a spreadsheet and then follow it up with some techniques that will BLOW YOUR MIND!