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CUE RS Solana Beach Shred Session Day 1

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Getting Googley

Theme - All about Google Apps in the classroom and for student projects.


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Adina Sullivan

Have it Your Way - Creating a Google Custom Search

Don’t settle for an off-the-rack search. Attendees will learn how to create Google Custom Searches as well as how to incorporate them into student research projects. We’ll determine the need, select resources, and put our customized search engines into action.

Holly Clark

The Power of Digital Student Portfolios

Say goodbye to testing, and hello to student portfolios. Google Drive makes the perfect student portfolio system. In this session, we will learn how to upload nearly every product made on the ipad, from iMovie to Toontastic, into Google Drive. In addition, we will learn how to develop a structured student portfolio system that will allow students to access their work for many years to come and easily show ways they have met common core standards. Finally, you will gain an understanding of the best ways students can reflect on their work and show their growth throughout the year. Please bring your own ipad. topic. Learn how to create an engaging and collaborative way for students to not only do research but also present the information as a teaching tool for their fellow students. Can be adapted for any research topic for any age.  

Jen Roberts

Google Docs Basics

Everything you need to know to get started and all the confusing icons explained, plus tips and tricks to save you time and paper.  

Kathy Diver


You can learn to use Google Forms to manage information about your students, participants in your clubs, parents and even for your staff. Turn that data into an easy-to-read graph format. Surveys, course registrations, elections, responses are easy with Google forms. (basic forms for beginning users)

Matthew Schwartz

Google Tools to the Next Level

Have you already started using Google Tools and ready to take it to the next level? Individually Google Apps are powerful, combine their use and the dynamic goodness creates limitless possibilities for creating engaging instructional activities. Check out some examples and then we'll collaborate and innovate some Rockstar Lessons.

Scott Moss

Google Earth and Maps

Students using Google Earth and Maps. See how students can create interdisciplanary, multimedia content within Earth of Maps Placemarkers. In addition to technical procdures, many curricular ideas will be presented.

Vicky Sedgwick

The Answer is .... Google Sites!

From Kindergarten where students should explore “digital tools to produce and publish writing, including in collaboration with peers” all the way through High School where students should “use technology, including the Internet, to produce, publish, and update individual or shared writing products…”, the CCSS stress that students should be publishing using digital tools and collaborating with others. The question is what are the tools to use? One answer is Google Sites! This session will explore how students can use Google Sites for publishing and collaborating. Students need to research and present on a topic? Use a Google Site. Want your students to have their own site of book reviews? Use a Google Site. Looking for a way for your students to share and reflect on their learning in an e-Porfolio? Use a Google Site. Come to this session to learn how to create and customize Google Sites, how to embed Google Docs, Sheets & Slides, how to add images or other types of files as attachments, how to collaborate on a Google Site, how to comment on a Google Site, how to create custom templates your students can use as a base for their sites, and more.

Will Kimbley

Google Forms: May the Forms be With You

Learn to use Google Forms in unique & innovative ways. Have you ever wanted to put images in a Google Form? Now you can. When you create quizzes in Google Forms, you can use the Flubaroo script to autograde and provide student feedback. Take control of student Docs sharing nightmares and tracking assignments with Forms dropboxes. Learn how to use branch logic to create diagnostic quizzes, create self-grading rubrics and much, much more.

Juli Kimbley

Who said Google Docs is not for the Primary grades?

So many conferences I have been too and so little was addressed to the younger generation. In this session, you will see how first graders embraced technology and created documents, presentations and videos.

Reuben Hoffman

Become a Google Magician with Scripts Ready to lighten your workflow? Want to make docs and folders appear in your students’ Drive? Want to have quizzes grade themselves and email results? Let’s start the magic by playing with some scripts like Doctopus, Gclassfolders, Flubaroo, Autocrat, and pageMeister!