Vicky Sedgwick - The Answer is ... Google Sites

Who was in the room?

Your Rockstar Mission

The Basics

  1. Decide on a theme for the site you will create. Ideally this should be something you or your students could use next year.
  2. Create your Google Site in or in your Google Apps account. 
    • Choose a site theme
    • Set sharing permissions
  3. Add pages and content to your site.
    • Add at least one of each of the 4 types of pages: Web Page, Announcements, File Cabinet, and List
    • Embed Google content: Documents, spreadsheets, forms, presentations, YouTube video and/or video uploaded to Google Drive, Calendar, Maps
    • Add images: from your computer and from Picasa
    • Add external links
    • Use gadgets to bring site content to your home page
    • On Google+? Add a +1 to your site.
    • Set page level permissions
  4. Add another person in the room as a collaborator on your site.



  1. Navigation: Edit sidebar navigation to control the order and/or create horizontal navigation.
  2. Site Look & Feel:
    • Customize the colors and fonts on your site
    • Add a custom background or custom banner to the header of your site.
  3. Add a Favicon to your site.
  4. Embed content from another site or add a useful gadget of some kind.
    • The RSS feed from your blog or a favorite blog you follow
    • A presentation from Slideshare.
    • A Voicethread or a Glog or other digital content your students may have created.
    • A Revolver Map or a ClustrMap (students love to see dots on these)
    • Your Twitter feed or the Twitter feed of your favorite chat
  5. Page Templates: Customize the layout of a page on your site and save this as a page template and then use it to create a new page.
  6. Site Template: Save your site layout as a template.
    NOTE: If you do this, any changes you make to the site will also be reflected in the template.
  7. Do you have a page with a lot of content? Add a Table of Contents!
  8. Add a threaded discussion.
  9. Google Apps Scripts:
    • Assignment Turn-in
    • Subscribe Box
    • Set up a page for each student in your class
  10. Add the ability for non-editors of a site to leave a comment
  11. Turn on Google Analytics for your site.


Need more help? Try searching for whatever you need and including "google sites" in your search terms.