Solana Beach Day 2

Mobile Devices

CUE RS Solana Beach Shred Session Day 2

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Adina Sullivan

Have My Assistant Take a Memo - Note-Taking, Annotating, and Drawing in iOS

There are lots of app choices for notes and drawings to help study, organize,

brainstorm, and more. Common Core brings a renewed opportunity to teach students to manage their ideas, notes, outlines, and project planning. We’ll look at key features before diving into some free apps. We’ll also explore apps in multiple platforms for BYOD/non-iOS, before creating a resource guide for you and your students.

Holly Clark

The 1:1 iPad Classroom and 21st Century Learning

From creation, communication, collaboration and critical thinking this session has it all! We will focus on the engaging ways you can teach students the important digital literacy skills they need to effectively research, organize and present information on their iPads. The focus will be on Google Apps for Education and iPad apps like Evernote, Notability and iMovie. You will leave this session with ideas you can implement in your classroom right away. Please bring your own iPad.

Jen Roberts


What can you do with just one iPad in the classroom? A LOT. We can't all have 1:1 iOS devices for our students, but we can harness the power of a single iPad to change our classrooms. Come share and learn the apps, hacks, and workflow that make your single iOS device a super flexible and powerful tool for learning.

Kathy Diver


Kirk used a communicator (cell phone) to send information to crewmembers of the Enterprise. Bones and Spok used a tricorder to transmit information about health and surroundings (iPad, camera, video, web browser). Jean Luc Picard had a Kindle to read his articles, crew reports and his favorite books. You can learn to use electronic devices like these Star Trek characters to report scientific data and research information related to the lab activities in the modern day classroom. (eclectic, random and flexible BYOD)

Matthew Schwartz

Who needs an iPad, we have Low-Cost Learning Devices.

Combine affordable low-cost laptops with free Ubermix software and you have a reliable, functional, customizable, mobile learning device. Learn to integrate Ubermix into your classroom. Topics will include acquisition, setup, deployment, maintenance, and customization.

Scott Moss

beginner to "Scratch-Master"

Go from beginner to "Scratch-Master" in this hand-on workshop. Scratch is a free programming tool from MIT. Teach your students problem-solving and computational thinking. No prior programming experience required. Skills in this workshop are applicable to other student programming tools such as Alice and appinventor. Scratch promotes critical-thinking while empowering students to be creative and collaborative.

Vicky Sedgwick

The Camera in Your Pocket (or on your Tablet)

We and many of our students have a device with us at all times that lets us take pictures anytime and anywhere. How can we take the best pictures with our mobile devices? What can we do with these pictures after we take them? Come to this session and take some photos on a short photo safari. Then explore some apps to edit and share photos and apps that will let your students turn their photos into multimedia rich reflections of their learning.

Will Kimbley

Students as Creators of Content, not Mere Consumers

Turn your iPads into something more than electronic worksheets. Put students in charge of their own education. Learn about and practice with apps that allow your students to become the teachers.

Juli Kimbley

On the go learning - Creating with your iPhone

What to do when you don't have the technology in your classroom that you want?

You tap into the devices your students have.

Reuben Hoffman

Mobile Movie MakersYouTube, Vine, Instagram... Everyone can publish a video! Length and intent is the key to student produced videos. You will explore, produce and export your creations with various video apps, helping you to decide which video options are best suited for your students and the lesson at hand.