Clark - 1:1 iPad Classroom

Entrance Card                                                                                                                                                          Exit Card

Getting Started:


APPs to download before this session: 
  • Explain Everything
  • Subtext
  • iMovie
  • Socrative - Student
  • Notability
  • Twitter

In this session - you will not just learn but play with the above apps in a challenge based learning enviornment: 

1. The importance of understanding what the iPad can do and how it should be used pedagogically in the classroom.
3. We will learn these four 21st Century Skills and how to apply them to the 1:1 iPad Classroom using the above apps
        1. Consumption
                Changing PDF's to annotated notes
        2.  Curation
                Notability - using Notability to curate and                            annotate information on the iPad
        3. Collaboration
                Subtext - collaborative reading
        4. Creation
                Explain Everything

Finally - how to use Twitter to help you continue your journey.

Cue Rockstar: 1:1 iPads in the Classroom

Additional Resources:

Must Reads:

CUE Rockstar: iMovie in Seven Simple Steps

Other Apps to Consider:
Remind 101
Book Creator
Haiku Deck
Side by Side