Vicky Sedgwick - The Camera in Your Pocket

Your Rockstar Mission for the Day

Take Out That Camera in Your Pocket (or on your tablet) and ...
Introduce Yourself
  1. Take a selfie
    Check out Taking the Perfect Selfie on your Phone for some hints on taking a better selfie.
  2. Add your name (or twitter handle) using Phonto app (iOS / Android).
  3. Email your completed selfie to In the Subject include the theme of your quote and your name (or twitter handle).
Take Pictures
  1. Download any of the apps that you are interested in trying out.
  2. Look at the Other Resources on the right-hand side for any tips or tricks you might need to use.
  3. Take lots of photos!

Edit & Share Your Pictures

  1. Download Flickr app (iOS / Android / Windows)
  2. Join Flickr and make sure to join our Flickr Group
  3. Download any of the editing apps you would like to try.
  4. Upload your favorite photos to Flickr and add to our Flickr Group.
  5. Share some of your photos on Instagram or Twitter or Facebook. Be sure to tag them with #cuerockstar!

CUE Rockstar Camp Assignment

Complete one (or more) of the options below:

  • 6 Word Story or Illustrated Poem about CUE Rockstar Camp - Share in our Flickr Group.
  • 6 Picture Story about CUE Rockstar Camp - If this ends up as one image (using a frame app), share in our Flickr Group. If more than one image, share as a Discussion item in our Flickr Group.
  • CUE Rockstar Camp ThingLink - Share a link to your ThingLink on the Padlet Wall.
  •  iVerb image about CUE Rockstar Camp - Share in our Flickr Group.
  • CUE Rockstar Camp Trading Card - Share in our Flickr Group.
  • Come up with your own idea and make sure to share it with the rest of us!


Taking Pictures


Resources from Presentation

Other Resources:

Photographers to Follow (who also happen to be teachers)

Editing & Sharing Pictures

Apps for Editing

Storing & Sharing

Resources from Presentation & More

Classroom Uses

  • Six Word Stories
  • Six Picture Stories
  • Best Part of Me
  • Students show what they know:
    • Document science labs or other processes
    • Go on shape or angle "hunts"
    • Make a class alphabet book using photos taken by students
    • Take pictures of work done on paper to share electronically
  • Field Trip Ideas:
  • Create a class photo library in Flickr.
    • Share these as Creative Commons and allow others to use your photos too!
    • Automatically blog these using IFTTT recipe.
    • Use for end of year slideshows and student presentations.
  • Silhouette Ideas:
    • Adjective or getting to know you lesson at beginning of the year using student silhouette photos. Check out Nicole Dalesio's tutorial on Photoshop Touch Silhouettes
    • Create iVerb images based on iPod Silhouette ads. Refer to Nicole's Dalesio's tutorial above for creating silhouettes using apps.
  • Big Huge Labs
    Education accounts that let teachers set up classes & use site ad-free. Can upload photos directly without needing an account at all.
    • Motivational Posters
    • Movie Posters
    • Magazine Covers
    • Trading Cards - great for getting to know students at beginning of the year or have students dress as a book character or historical figure and create trading cards for them.
  • Create Stop Motion Videos from a series of photos
    • iMotion HD FREE/$1.99 for full version (iOS)
    • OSnap FREE/$2.99 for full version (iOS)
    • Lego Movie Maker FREE (iOS)
      No voiceovers in this so will need to use something like iMovie to do that.
    100 Ways to Use Digital Cameras - applies to mobile photography as well!
  • Literacy Through Photography
  • Who Said That? Quotes from Presentation: