Solana Beach Day 3

Technology Pedagogies

CUE RS Solana Beach Shred Session Day 3

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Adina Sullivan

Making Their Brains Hurt (in a good way) - Inquiry-Based Learning for Deeper Understanding

Inquiry-based learning helps students gain a deeper understanding of content and also builds self-directed learners. This process matches well with the inclusion of performance assessment in Common Core. We’ll look at the components of this strategy, transform standard lessons into inquiry-based lessons and build a storehouse of lessons to share.

Holly Clark

Collaboration 3.0

Collaboration is one of the essential 21st Century learning skills students need to develop. In this session, you will learn how to use Twitter, your PLN, Google Hangouts and Google Docs to connect with classrooms from around the world and bring learning to life! From planning to implementation this session will walk you through the steps necessary to make your students global learners and collaborators. If you haven't connected with another classroom - you won't want to miss this session. Please bring your own device.

Jen Roberts


Do you have a web presence for your classroom beyond what the district provides or requires? If not come to this session and we will get you online. Having your own easy to access online space is crucial to adding on almost all other aspects of educational technology. It's time to start that blog, website, or edmodo space that will allow you to pursue tech pedagogy in your classroom. This session will help you choose the platform that is right for you and get you started.

Kathy Diver


Learn to use several screencasting and web based study tools to help you prepare independent learning activities. Your students can PAUSE you and REWIND you without interrupting the rest of the class. Flip your instruction and help ALL learners in your classroom succeed.

Matthew Schwartz

Online and Blended Learning is not just for Distance Learning Anymore

Face to Face classrooms can benefit from the same techniques used in Online and Blended Learning educational models. Beginning with a class website, we will explore creating online assignments, communicating with students online, and assessing students online... even if they are not "online".

Scott Moss

Use Google Tools to address The Common Core.

See how a variety of Google Tools can be used to help students address the Common Core Standards. While this session addresses multiple grads and subject areas, its focus will be on improving the reading and writing skills of students

Vicky Sedgwick

Training the Wizards of the Future - Learning How to Code

Get your "Dumbledore" or "Mcgonagall" on and discover how you can help your students to achieve the magical powers of critical thinking and problem solving through the world of Computer Science. Come and try out some games, apps, and websites that teach how to create your very own games or how to build a website out of nothing using HTML, CSS, and Javascript. Think of the fun your students could have creating a game to show what they know or designing and building their very own website to illustrate their learning. You don’t need to be a programming wizard or software engineer to learn and neither do your students.

Will Kimbley

Project Based Learning: What Would Yoda Do?

If Yoda had Luke fill out a worksheet and take a standardized test, would he have ever become a Jedi? Get your students doing and creating with Project Based Learning. Learn about and curate FREE web tools for your students to use. Set up rubrics and tutorials for student use to offload direct instruction time.

Juli Kimbley

Flip it Where?: Website Development for Flipped & Blended Learning

So, you want to Flip your classroom? You've created screencasrts, presentations, and curated resource links, but where will you put them? Create and edit a website for your classroom  

Reuben Hoffman

Discussion Strategies for the Modern ClassroomModern technology has changed what a discussion looks like and how many voices can be heard at one time. Learn the mobile / online best practices for engaging students in discussions 24/7. You will test tools, determine which are the best for your classroom and learn how to use them with your students.