Discussion Strategies for the Modern Classroom

Let Them Be Heard!
Modern technology has changed what a discussion looks like and how many voices can be heard at one time. 

Learn the mobile / online best practices for engaging students in discussions 24/7.

Test tools, determine which are the best for your classroom and how you will use them with your students.

Challenge:  What platform(s) or tool(s) would be the most functional for your classroom or teachers at your school? 

  • Choose a discussion strategy you would like to focus on. See Discussion Strategy Chart
  • Explore / play with some of the platforms / tools.
  • Determine which is the most functional platform or tool for your classroom or teachers at your school. Consider the following questions as you explore:
    • Why do you believe the platform or tool is the most appropriate for this strategy and your class or school? 
    • What are the pros and cons of the platform or tool? 
    • How do you see this platform or tool being used within this strategy? 
    • Keep in Mind: 
      • Think of student level, accessibility, features, grading, mobile capability, student devices
  • Share with your peers by submitting your thoughts via the Google Form: Discussion Platforms/Tools & Functionality 
  • If you have time, move on to another strategy and repeat the process above.