Tahoe Day 1

CUE RS Tahoe Shred Session Day 1

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Getting Googley

Theme - All about Google Apps in the classroom and for student projects.


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Kevin Brookhouser Black Belt Google Drive This session is for experienced Google Drive users who want to become Drive ninja. Participants will learn to organize files, folders, shared folders, and starred items to create a Drive-based classroom that streamlines the document creation, editing, and evaluation process. Participants will learn to create rubrics, quizzes, and other activities using the advanced features in Forms. Finally, teachers will learn to use the commenting feature in docs to turn the writing process into a conversation among writers.
Tally Burkhart Google Apps for Beginners General overview of items available for Google Apps for Education, including the basics like GMail, but also going into:toolbar, bookmarks, extensions for Chrome, Reader, calendar, drive, Google+, surveys/data collection (as many as I can get into the session with enough info, depending upon time and participants'  background knowledge).
Alice Chen Do You Chrome? Google Chrome is hands-down the best browser to access the Internet. If you haven’t tried Chrome yet, you’re really missing out. Learn Chrome basics as well as how Chrome apps and extensions can make your life easier.
Jeanne Feeney Research Projects Using Sites, Maps, and Presentation How to use Google Sites, QR Codes, Google Search, and Maps  and YouTube to create a collaborative Google Presentation on a research topic. Learn how to create an engaging and collaborative way for students to not only do research but also present the information as a teaching tool for their fellow students. Can be adapted for any research topic for any age.  
Jennifer Kloczko Flipping Homework in the Elementary Classroom with Sites, Docs, and YouTube Flipping Homework With Google Sites
Are you tired of piles of paper homework? Done with packets? Your students will flip out over homework Flipped with Google Sites! Learn how to incorporate all of Google’s tools to engage K-12 learners at school and home by using Google Forms, Google Documents, Google Presentations and YouTube Videos. Your homework and your student will never be the same. Flipped homework also works well with elementary students. See examples from classrooms starting as early as Kindergarten and first grade. Participants will leave with a Google Site ready for the new school year.
Diane Main Putting Your Curriculum on the Map(s) Google Maps is so much more than merely a way to get directions.  Come explore a few more features that will help you get from point A to point B, and then prepare to get your mind blown (in a good way) as we create custom, collaborative maps to excite and engage your learners (and yourself) about the content in your curriculum.  Let’s dream up timelines, illustrated journeys, choose-your-own-adventure mysteries, and more possibilities.
Ryan O’Donnell Blowing Up the Classroom Walls - Collaboration with Sites and Drive The Power of Collaboration! Jumping into the world of Google Sites and Drive. In this session, participants will learn about the power of collaboration using both Google Sites and Google Drive as well as other online tools. Collaboration can be with students or other teachers and we will look examples that range from everything from the classroom to the PLC.
John Stevens Awesome Cross-Curricular Projects with Docs and Drive Using Google's suite of tools (documents, presentations, and Drive), we will collaborate to complete cross-curricular project outlines.  This is a forum-style session that will involve educators from all content areas and grade levels.  The intent of this session is to build project plans that are ready to implement when you begin your school year.  Join us as we go through this adventure together!
Joe Wood Publishing with Google Earth and Google Maps You’ve looked up your childhood home and high school, but have you ever created your own digital story using Earth and Maps? In this session we will examine both tools and create stories that incorporate text, images, video, and global tours.
Will Kimbley Take Google Forms to the next level, learn to use them in unique & innovative ways. Have you ever wanted to put images in a Google Form? Now you can. When you create quizzes in Google Forms, you can use the Flubaroo script to autograde and provide student feedback. Take control of student Docs sharing nightmares and tracking assignments with Forms dropboxes. Build a Choose your own adventure story. Learn how to use branch logic to create diagnostic quizzes, create self-grading rubrics and much, much more.