Research with Google Apps with Jeanne Feeney @MamaFeenz

During this session, you can play the role of a student or teacher. If you want to experience this project from the student's point of view, I will walk you through that. This would be a good idea for those of you who are beginners with Google Sites. For those of you who want to create a site like this for a class project, you can play the role of teacher. Just follow the steps below to get started. 
Here's the link to my Google Site with all 3 days' sessions

Research with Google Apps

Project Overview 
1. Today, you will create a site that your students can use to do a research project for any age or subject.
2. Look at the Sample Research Site. Think of a research project your students could do. 
3. Watch the tutorials on creating a site. 
4. Plan out your site, and then build it. You can make changes later.
5. If you want your students to do their own research on Google, they can. You can also provide links to sites that you want them to use. If so, insert the links into your site. See my Sample Research site as an example.
6. Using a map on your site? Click on the Maps links to insert a map.
7. QR codes: can be used to have students easily link to your site from iPads as they do research in class. Can also be used to "assign" topics randomly to students. It's a good idea to create a QR code for your site and place it on the home page so when you project it the students have access to it. follow the directions for creating a QR code on the QR Codes tab. You need to have a QR code reader app on your phone or iPad to read them. You can create them and save them to your drive. I recommend naming them as you create them so you can tell them apart.
8. Make a mentor text presentation to show your students how Google Slides/Presentation looks. Insert your finished presentation into your site.
9. If your students use iMovie or another video editing program as their presentation tool, you would upload it to your YouTube channel. Then you would insert the video by going to Share under the video and copying the link and pasting it into your site as a YouTube video.
10. You can create a rubric by clicking on Assessments and looking through Kathy Shrock's guide. You can insert the rubric into your site for students to access.
11. You can also insert your project assignment into your site so students know what the expectations and requirements are.

6th Grade Movie on Loma Prieta Quake that won Best Narration at California Student Media Festival this year!

Loma Prieta Quake

Gingerbread House Earthquake Activity

My Historic Quake Assignment with my 6th graders:

Historic Earthquake Project

                        Sample Research Site:

                                Creating a Site:

QR Code Tutorial

  •    Google Search:

  • Maps Tutorials:
1. Creating Custom Google Maps
2. Using Google Maps
  • Google Presentation/Slides:
  1. Getting Started with Slides
  2. Inserting Images and Video
  3. Adding Transitions & Animations
  4. Adding Speaker Notes
  5. ShareEmbed, and Publish
  • Assessments/Rubrics of Digital Work:
  1. Kathy Schrock - Assessment & Rubrics - A great collection of rubrics and assessment tools for assessing digital projects.
  • YouTube Tutorials: