Google Forms: May the Forms Be With You

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Intro to Google Forms

Google Forms: Assignment Dropboxes

Google Forms: Instant Feedback Quizzes

Google Forms: Simple Rubrics

Create interactive self-grading rubrics with Google Forms. Click here or see the embedded tutorial below.

Build a Choose Your Own Adventure Story
Click here to play
Click here to see how it was built

Self-Grading Quizzes with Flubaroo

Take a Quiz:

Insert the Flubaroo Script to Grade a Google Form

Flubaroo - Grading Made Easy

Keyboard Shortcuts for Google Forms

From CUE Rock Star presenter Jen Roberts
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Comparative Analysis Unit: Writing with the CCSS

From CUE Flip Tour presenter Crystal Kirch
Amazing Things with Google Forms
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VLOOKUP Google Forms


From CUE Rock Star presenter Alice Keeler
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Share a Google Form with Strangers