Before we begin:

Click HERE for the lesson introduction and outline for creating cross-curricular lesson plans during Day 1 of CUE Rockstar Lake Tahoe with John Stevens

Steps for compiling our products:

1. Click HERE to open today's folder
2. Make a COPY of the document
3. Create your lesson plan
4. Feel free to share your plan on your website, email, blog, etc.
5. Share the folder of plans that we have created with everyone you know!

Resources that may help (these are just to spark ideas):

News Element

Cybraryman's Cross-Curricular page
Sparks that may start a fire

Basic Sample to get you started
Student responses based on the example above

For our speedsters, your challenge is to complete the following for each project that you have created:
  • Integration of at least 3 Google Apps to enhance the quality of the project
  • Integration of multimedia in some way... Get creative!
  • Detailed rubric addressing each piece of the project that is being assessed
  • Exemplar project that can be used to show students
  • Scaffolding points within the project for ELL, SPED, GATE, and struggling students

When you have finished your lessons, please upload them HERE