Tahoe Day 2

CUE RS Tahoe Shred Session Day 2

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Lights, Camera, Learning

Theme - Any and everything about multimedia in the classroom.


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Kevin Brookhouser Flip Your Classroom with Presentations, Screencasts, and Interactive YouTube Videos In this session, participants will learn how to create engaging interactive YouTube video lessons using Google Slides, screencasting software, YouTube, and Google Sites. See an example of the kind of work teachers will learn to produce here. https://sites.google.com/site/itsvsits/
Tally Burkhart Picasa and YouTube to Edit and Share Multimedia in Your Classroom This session will overview various topic which may include::
Using Picasa to upload and share photos.  How it can be incorporated into Google+ and photos tagged.
If YouTube is blocked, how you can get around it to be able to show videos to your students
Using the You Tube video editor
Using WeVideo for Google Drive
Free Web 2.0 Resources for photo and video editing and sharing
Alice Chen Create on Your iOS Device Learn how to use iOS apps for student creativity. Some apps covered will include Zoodle Comics, PhotoStory, StoryKit, Audioboo, Puppet Pals, and Haiku Deck. Please bring earbuds/headsets with a mic to this session.
Jeanne Feeney Video Production with iMovie Trailer What do you get when you combine iMovie Trailer with a question for students to answer? Students with a focus and purpose for showcasing their understanding in creative and meaningful ways! Thanks to the simplicity  of iMovieTrailer, I will show you how students  can create an educational video that shows their understanding of any topic.
Jennifer Kloczko Rock the Blogosphere - Literacy and Learning in the Common Core Meet the demands of the Common Core by blogging with your students- at any grade. Learn how to use YouTube videos, Google Apps, and digital storytelling tools to publish student writing and promote literacy across the content areas. Discover how student commenting can promote classroom discussion at your school and around the world. Participants will leave with a created Blogger site and a toolbox of digital tools to rock the blogosphere next school year. Edublogs to be shared also.
Diane Main GarageBand Karaoke: Song and Video Parodies to Spice Up Your Teaching Spice up your teaching and students’ learning with fun song parodies that you and your students create using GarageBand (or Audacity). We will review the entire process, beginning to end, involved in creating a song parody related to your curriculum content.  We’ll also look at how videos for these parodies can be created too.Then each participant will start on his or her own parody idea, or we can create one together as a group.

Ryan O’Donnell Digital Storytelling with Classroom Videos Digital Storytelling. This session will focus on implementing new ideas of project based learning to get your student up and in front of both the classroom and the video camera. Students and teachers alike can take part in being characters in history, literature and even science models. We will look after different technologies that teachers can use to create these videos as well as covering points to focus whenever there is a focus on digital storytelling.
John Stevens Creating Student-Flipped Lessons with the iPad Flipping your own classroom is great.  It gives students a chance to receive the initial instruction outside of class and allows for more interaction and real learning between the walls.  However, having students flip your lessons provides the students with an explanation from their peers’ perspective without compromising content.  We will talk about how to get the most out of your student-flipped lessons, when to have students flip, and some of the troubleshooting that goes along with it.
Joe Wood YouTube and You Familiar with YouTube Teachers or YouTube EDU? During this session we will examine the educational content available on YouTube through teacher-created playlists and educational channels. We will also spend time learning how to create our own videos using free screencasting tools, Google Hangouts, and YouTube editor.
Will Kimbley Flip it Where?: Website Creation & Multimedia for the Flipped Classroom So, you want to Flip your classroom? You've created screencasrts, presentations, and curated resource links, but where will you put them? Create and edit a website for your classroomm. Special bonus: multimedia resources for YOUR students to use to create and meet CCSS.