Create on Your iOS Device

Learn how to use iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad apps for student creativity.  Some apps covered will include Zoodle Comics, PhotoStory, StoryKit, Audioboo, Puppet Pals, and Haiku Deck.  Please bring earbuds/headsets with a mic to this session.
Download the free apps on the list below before the session.
Zoodle Comics - Create comic strips.
PhotoStory - Make a collage.
StoryKit - Write a short book.
Audioboo - Create a podcast.
Puppet Pals - Let the puppets tell the story.
Haiku Deck - Free presentation software (alternative to Keynote). To read their tutorial, click here. To view the introductory video to Haiku Deck, click here.

Idea for Zoodle Comics
Students can create their own comic strip by using Zoodle Comics. It comes with the ability to add speech bubbles, captions, and characters. Students can import their own images to personalize the comic strip even more. They can use a non-copyrighted image from the Internet or take their own photos. Just make sure they save it to the iPad's camera roll in order to import these images. There are two versions, free and paid. The paid version has more features, but I found the free version to work just fine for my students.

To read more, visit my original blog post on this.
Puppet Pals Example - Here's an example of how my friend Linda Yollis (on Twitter as @lindayollis) uses Puppet Pals to teach third graders about American coins.