iMovie Trailer with Jeanne Feeney

Throw out that worksheet and think outside the box! If you have access to iMovie either on an Apple laptop, iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch you are in luck! Working in small groups (2-3), you will answer a question by reading informational text (hello Common Core) and taking notes. You will take your new knowledge and show your understanding of the answer by creating an iMovie Trailer! I will upload them to my YouTube channel and insert them here!
Step 1
Question: Why do trees lose their leaves in the fall?
Read Informational text links:

Step 2
Watch "mentor text" examples to get some ideas on what your approach will be. Plan out your trailer. Keep in mind that you will have limited text to work with so you have to be efficient and concise and use powerful shots to convey your understanding.

Step 3
Choose the iMovie trailer that suits your needs. Use the Storyboard to see the best way to film your scenes. Some are action shots, medium shots, close ups, etc. You can replace all of the text that you see.

Step 4
Create your movie! Use any of the props that I brought and go outside to film as needed. You can also take pictures of your laptop screen. Be creative in your problem solving!

Step 5
Done? I will upload your trailer to my YouTube channel and insert it to this site for you to have the link! Enjoy!

Apple iMovie Trailer Intro for iMac

Apple's iMovie Trailer Intro

 Sample Rubric used for this assignment

RockStar Video #1

YouTube Video

Rock Star Video #2

YouTube Video

Here's some "mentor text" for you! (created by teachers in a Writing Project Workshop on Digital Media)

Why Do Leaves Fall?

Leaves Die