Tahoe Day 3

CUE RS Tahoe Shred Session Day 3

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Day 3 - Liberate the Contraband

Theme - Cell phones and student mobile devices in the classroom.


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Kevin Brookhouser Class Polling without Clickers Clickers are expensive ... and they only do one thing. By allowing students to use their mobile phones, iPod Touches, tablets, and laptops, teachers can take advantage of devices students already have to create interactive and engaging lessons using polleverywhere.com and Google Forms. Teachers will learn to create on-the-fly polls to track student understanding and keep them engaged.
Tally Burkhart Cell Phones for Assessment This session will overview various topics, including:
Using polls with cell phones at polleverywhere.com
Using Google's SMS question service number for answers during class
Using Jeopardy or other games as test review
Using cameras/photographs to make PhotoStories or albums for student review
Using Remind101 for students, parents and/or groups
Alice Chen Turn on the Smartphone! Ask students to turn on their smartphones (or iOS devices) to bring the 21st Century into your classroom. Learn how to back channel when Twitter is blocked at school, how to host quality online discussions, poll students to know what they're really thinking, turn in work, and create projects on a smartphone or other mobile devices. We will also be sharing many ideas on how others will be using the tools shared in this session so don't miss out on the collaboration. This session is also great for those who do teach in a 1:1 mobile classroom or those who check out carts to use in the classroom. What you learn today can be used on all computing devices - tablets and laptops, too. Work flow challenges and solutions will also be covered.
Jeanne Feeney Stop Motion Videos with Your iP@d How to use iphones, ipod touches, or ipads to create stop motion animation videos around any topic.The apps I will demonstrate are Lego Super Hero, Google drive and iMovie as well as WeVideo. I will show you how students can collaborate on script writing to show their understanding of  a topic and focus their idea. Students then record voiceovers for their stop motion movie. These tools allow for endless creative approaches and students can provide the toys and tools!  
Jennifer Kloczko Got Book Trailers?

I just met you and this is crazy! Here’s my trailer, so read me maybe...

Are you looking for that ONE strategy that will get your students reading, writing, and talking about books? Book trailers combine the best of both worlds: technology and literacy. In this hands-on workshop, you'll learn about book trailers, how to use and create them with your students, and you will create your own! Bring any and all digital devices! We will explore a variety of digital tools to use with whatever mobile devices you have in your classroom.

Diane Main Geocaching! Geocaching Across the Curriculum
Geo-WHAT? Come learn how to use the GPS functions of the smart phone you already have (or possibly a hand-held GPS receiver) to participate in this fun high-tech treasure hunt that you can do all around you with geocaches already placed by others or design your own adventures related to the content your students are currently studying. Also hear about how educators have tied this fun activity in with blogging, skyping, and other global communication to expand their learners’ horizons beyond the classroom.

Ryan O’Donnell Teaching with Visuals Teaching With Visuals 
Technology has given us new tools. Now lets look at how to change the way we teach to best make connections with our students to the curriculum. This session will show several strategies for those looking to break the PowerPoint style of teaching. From high tech to low tech we will look at ways to have students become active participants in their learning.
John Stevens Unleashing Creativity Using Student Cell Phones and Personal Devices Unleashing creativity that exists outside the classroom while inside the classroom.

Sounds complicated, right?  That's because kids don't get to become creative with their devices until they leave our rooms. Join me as we collaborate with others on how we can allow students to use their devices of any platform to create unique collages, videos, posts, and more to expand- no, break down- the walls of traditional teaching.  This is not a stand and deliver session.  The intent is a forum in which ideas will be shared to give us the best possible ways to handle student creativity.
Joe Wood Smartphone Photography The best camera is the one that you have with you and today nearly everyone has a camera just a few fingertips away.  During this session we will discover tips and tricks for using your smartphone to document the world through built-in tools and supplemental apps.  After some quick tutorials we will join the Geocaching group on a smartphone photo safari.
Will Kimbley iSTEM: STEM Goes Mobile CCSS and NGSS are all about STEM and PBL. Learn about some fantastic mobile device apps that will put some STEMpunk in your STEM. Why should you do all the work? Get students doing and creating.