Rockin' the BYOD

For a blog post about BYOD, check here
For a more detailed one, try here

Click HERE to access the slides for today's session about using BYOD resources across multiple platforms.

  1. Introductions

  2. Purpose

  3. Collages

  4. Posters

  5. File Share

  6. Blogs

  7. Assessment

  8. Reflection

The icing on this cake would be getting enough time to talk about the 20% project and how BYOD has allowed students to take advantage of their own learning opportunities. WE WILL GET THERE!

20% Time Live Binder set up by Joy Kirr - great resource!
BYOD presentation at CUE in Palm Springs, 2013
By the AppsInClass Team

20 BYOD Resources to take a look at
Permission slip we used for staff pilot of BYOD
We all love a good infographic
A book from Liz Kolb about using students' devices in class
Sample of BYOD policies