University Credits

CUE Rock Star is not only committed to bringing you the finest in professional development, but we also want to make sure you get the credit you deserve for all your hard work and commitment. We have arranged for you to earn units through Fresno Pacific University. Below you will find the necessary information. Should you have any questions, please contact the teacher of record, Will Kimbley, at

Course Requirements:

  • In class assignments include: participation in all class discussions and participation in the preparation of technology/media based project suitable for individual teacher’s classroom needs. Network/collaborate with fellow teachers to inspire and critique project ideas (15 hours). Outside of class assignment:  implementation of project (15 hours).

  • Instructor will evaluate participant’s understanding of course objectives through evaluation of media/technology projects, class discussions, and quality of final project.

  • Assignments will be Pass/Fail based on completion and quality of project.

  • Students will turn in copies of assignments online via the best suitable method: Google Docs/Drive, Vimeo/YouTube, Website, Dropbox, etc.

Project Due Date for Napa: June
10, 2014
Project Due Date for August 31, 2014

CUE Rock Star 2014 Units Contact Info

Course Number:  TEC 1786
Course Name:     Rock Star Teacher Tech Camp
Number of Units:  2
Cost:  $70.00 per unit
Teacher of Record:  Will Kimbley, M.S.
Workshop Policy Statement: Click here it.

CUE Rock Star 2014 Assignment Dropbox